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It’s no secret that the business environment is rapidly changing. Industries that once enjoyed a level of exclusivity due to high barriers to entry are being disrupted by new entrants that are innovatively delivering their goods and services. Organizations are increasing their digital transformation, evolving their business models, and adopting contemporary go-to-market strategies to maintain a competitive edge.

Speed and Flexibility are the Keys to Success

In this new environment, velocity and agility are paramount to success. Speed has emerged as a differentiator and catalyst for transformation. Organizations that can move quickly are outperforming others with innovation, growth, and other metrics, like financial outcomes. Digital transformation allows organizations to harness new processes and technology to embrace speed and flexibility.

Security Threats Remain a Concern

Accompanying this support of digitization is a higher risk of security threats. Threat vectors continue to expand as cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated tools to search out and exploit weaknesses in IT infrastructure.

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In fact, in the first six months of 2021, attacks increased 151% compared with the previous year and the average cost of a breach increased 10% from 2020-2021.

As a result, business resiliency has also emerged as yet another competitive advantage, allowing organizations to withstand crises and build trust while delivering on their strategic goals.

Workloads and New Applications are Driving today’s Technology Investments

In the rapid move to digitize operations and offer more value to customers, organizations are also investing in new types of technology and applications. Some technologies making the biggest impact include:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

In the drive to digital transformation and the rise of the data driven organization, business leaders recognize AI as one of the most important technologies helping organizations innovate, which is why 30% of all AI projects are steered by the CEO. Organizations are accelerating the adoption of AI and machine learning (ML) because they have a wide range of uses. AI can automate business processes, making them more efficient and deliver insights to improve decision making and reduce risk.

Virtual desktop infrastructure 

As work from anywhere or hybrid working becomes the norm, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables organizations to deliver and manage the full set of tools that employees need, on any device, to remain connected, collaborative, and productive. With VDI, performance is key to ensuring a positive end-user experience, but at the same time, security and simplified IT operations are vital for successful and sustainable enterprise adoption.


Virtualization helps organizations change the way they deploy and manage IT resources. Nevertheless, virtualized environments place significant demands on server hardware, which is why successful virtualization efforts rely on the ability to deliver data to the CPU subsystem as quickly as possible. IT decision makers also know that performance and storage capacity are critical to delivering an optimal virtual experience.

Data analytics

Business leaders are continually searching for ways to optimize their performance. Whether it is improving the customer experience, increasing employee engagement, or even getting products to market faster, organizations are increasingly using data analytics to make more informed decisions. Yet, even today, many organizations are challenged to successfully deploy analytics projects, move data and protect digital assets in legacy infrastructures.

Edge computing and IoT

Sending vast amounts of device-generated data to a central data center is a challenge, so organizations turned to edge computing as a remedy. Edge computing puts computing power closer to the data source thereby reducing latency and the need for expensive bandwidth requirements. It also enables organizations to deliver faster, more reliable services while leveraging IoT devices and cloud resources. In 2020, overall enterprise IoT spending grew 12.1% to $128.9 billion as organizations pursued the advantages that edge computing and IoT offer.

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