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Upgrade available: ftServer Tech Refresh 

New 11th generation ftServer for VMWare, Windows®, and Linux

NEWCOM, a certified partner of Stratus is helping customers upgrade to the next generation ftServer platform.

In today’s always-on global economy, seconds matter. Downtime in critical business applications can have far-reaching economic, security, and legal consequences. Recovering from a failure, no matter how fast, is simply no longer an option.

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Nowhere is this more important than at the edge – the last mile of digital transformation for many. Companies are looking for reliable, secure, yet easy to manage edge computing infrastructure that’s highly interoperable with their data centers and cloud.

Optimized for distributed edge-in architectures, Stratus ftServer delivers the performance needed to support your advanced processor and data intensive applications, while also providing the fault tolerance, security, and manageability required at the edge of your corporate networks.

The Stratus ftServer Technology Refresh program provides an unmatched opportunity to update your existing Stratus systems to the latest architecture, ensuring your mission-critical applications run at peak performance. The ftServer is complete with hardware, software, and services. It’s an operationally simple platform that will keep your applications running with no downtime or data loss.

Stratus ftServer is a fully integrated, continuously available hardware and software solution for running tier 1 business critical workloads and manufacturing operations and control applications. Offering better than 5 nines availability, ftServer eliminates unplanned downtime and data loss, and ensures all transactions are processed and applications are available, helping companies maximize revenue, production quality, and productivity—from the enterprise to the edge. Unlike other high availability solutions, ftServer is easy to deploy, manage and service, making it ideal for remote locations, or environments with IT resource constraints. A single, turnkey solution leverages industry standard components to deliver industry leading RAS, accelerating time to value, simplifying management, and lowering total cost of ownership.

A fully integrated continuously available platform that’s easy to deploy, manage, and service—from the enterprise to the edge.

Key Benefits

No unplanned downtime:

Greater than 5 nines availability through redundant components, lockstep firmware, and data synchronization

No data corruption or data loss:

All transactions processed because the system keeps operating despite component failure

Faster time to value:

Easy to deploy and manage, with no ISV application modifications or failover scripts required

Increased operational efficiency: 

Self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, and self-alerting systems save you time and effort

Why contact NEWCOM?

As an Authorized Channel Partner, NEWCOM provides our customers with continuous availability through the ftServer solution. Our trained engineers can show you how easy it is to set up and maintain. If you want added assurances and coverage or want to include upgrades, ask our team about NEWCOM tiered service levels.

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