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NEWCOM offers a full range of technology hardware, software, and IT services competitively priced and backed by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals. Partnering with leading manufacturers, NEWCOM designs the most comprehensive technology systems based on our clients’ needs, maximizing “off the shelf” solutions with customized applications.

NEWCOM provides best-in-class IT services and delivery from the mobile environment to the data center. These solutions are designed to maximize investment and face ongoing technology challenges.


We provide efficiency services to prepare for what is coming in emerging technologies. We deliver effective quality work to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result.

System Design

We provide the critical link between wireless technology and business optimization providing customized, top-rated wireless solutions that are designed to maximize our client’s technology investment in the face of the on-going technological change.

Project Management

With a dedicated customer interface, our system engineers determine system design, project requirements, and any third-party integration or customization. Pulling together the configuration, location, and infrastructure requirements, our teams ensure schedules and milestones are met.


NEWCOM has great respect and admiration for those that serve and a passion to serve them in return. Nowhere is this more visible than our work with State, Local, and Federal Governments.


We deliver first-rated technology for applications, data, infrastructure, and security – from the edge to the core to the cloud.


NEWCOM specializes in enterprise and emergency vehicle control, wireless communication systems, and end-to-end management of infrastructure for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Systems.


Whether your business is general retail, grocery, hospitality, banking, or, let’s say, food trucks, we support end-to-end digital retail solutions.


We connect all workers and devices with voice and data and expedite communications between machine and people to keep your operations running smoothly.

Oil, Gas, Electric

NEWCOM provides solutions to monitor, communicate, and collect data across the entire supply chain under any conditions.


Fierce competition and government regulation require companies to form strategic partners, such as NEWCOM, to deliver proven technology custom designed for secure environments.


NEWCOM helps organizations in the telecommunications industry not only understand what these mean, but how to leverage them to succeed.


Countless years of experience combined with access to some of the best solutions in the industry provide our professional team with the tools needed to make sure that your operations are finely tuned and optimized. NEWCOM’s team can provide the following services:

  • Detailed infrastructure diagrams
  • “Best Practices” Analysis
  • Report documenting needs for remediation

NEWCOM delivers low cost, fair services as a systems integrator. NEWCOM has a team of engineers that are plugged into the constantly evolving world of IT.


We are always exploring new and emerging technologies in an effort to find the best solutions for your needs.

“We have had a great experience working with NEWCOM.  I’m responsible for many areas and cannot do all the research to stay up-to-date with the latest technology the way I would really need to deploy the new functionalities.  I can rely on NEWCOM to research and have the right solution to fit our needs. They have helped us with several different ventures we have moved into  and we’ve enjoyed working with them in our relationship.”

–  Lieutenant Jon Moses, Johns Creek Police Department.

Solutions for your technology hardware software IT service needs.