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Sensor Technology

Sensors transform real world physical properties and provide the measurement data to manage and control your environment. Data is collected and integrated via your IT infrastructure or wirelessly to enable more precise decision making for your organization.

How NEWCOM can provide solutions…

Sensors and software come together to manage the office, building, vehicle, and campus environments. Identifying, designing, and implementing the supporting infrastructure for a multiple array of sensors is the key to putting the data from these sensors to work for you. Collecting, storing, and retrieving this data quickly can be challenging, but NEWCOM will work with you to answer the questions you have to deploy a best in class solution.


  • Sensors are devices used to detect the presence of any physical object in the vicinity and remotely send information about the same to a receiving end.
  • Sensor hardware is almost always used in combination with other electronics.
  • Software is the horsepower behind the scenes organizing and retrieving your data quickly.

Sensor technology product offerings

NEWCOM’s goal is to help our customers collect sensor data in any environment by using the very best available technologies today, sending that data over a secure platform and making that data available to you using on premise hardware or a cloud solution. We couple all of this with management software to allow you to view your results.

  • Lower building maintenance costs
  • Optimize air quality
  • Promote healthy surroundings
  • Monitor dangerous gas or volatiles
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature • 6-axis / 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit • Gas, Air Quality, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity • Time-of-Flight Ranging • Microphone
  • Chemical sensors identify SOx, NOx, VOCs, O3, CH2O, CO2, CO, NH3, CH4,
Triton ULTRA

Triton ULTRA is a multi-function health, safety, and drug detection device. ULTRA intelligently reports environmental data for complete context to what is going on in private areas. Triton Sensor are trusted in hundreds of facilities across the globe to safeguard bathrooms, common rooms, dormitories, and more. ULTRA uses the same industry-leading vape detection sensors and has added keyword and aggression, people counting, loitering detection and more. 

ULTRA Spec Sheet
Triton 3D & 3D Pro Sensor

The Triton 3D Sense smart sensor detectors are trusted in hundreds of schools and facilities across the world. 3D Sense Pro uses the same industry-leading vape detection sensors and algorithms to accurately detect vaping and other nicotine and THC emissions.

3D Spec Sheet3D Pro Spec Sheet

The PCTEL WSE family includes several sensors to monitor a variety of physical conditions. These sensors can detect air quality, temperature, relative humidity, acceleration, angular rate of change, magnetic field, range, and sound.

WSE Spec Sheet

Verkada Air Quality Sensors help customers monitor spaces where cameras cannot be deployed and get insight into environmental conditions that cameras cannot detect. From protecting school bathrooms against bullying and vaping to gathering real-time insight into air quality conditions like carbon dioxide levels, Verkada sensors enable customers to manage and protect their environments more comprehensively.

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Soter Technologies

FlySense® 300 is Soter Technologies new and improved real-time vape detector and anti-bullying solution, designed to improve detection and deterrence of vape and bullying incidents in your organization. Leveraging advanced technologies and data analysis, FlySense® offers invaluable insight to help you effectively monitor your environment.

Data Sheet

IPVideo was acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2023 and is now part of its ecosystem of safety and security technologies.

IPVideo is the creator of the HALO Smart Sensor,  a multifunctional safety and security device with built-in vape detection and air quality monitoring, gunshot detection, abnormal noise and motion detection and emergency keyword detection. The HALO Smart Sensor improves situational awareness and makes it possible to help protect people and spaces even where video security solutions are not permitted.

3C Data Sheet3C-PC Data Sheet

Aethair solutions are adaptable and can easily be applied to a wide range of monitoring applications. We provide solutions for enhancing performance, ensuring safety conditions, enabling preventative maintenance, and identifying potential hazards. It also offers a reliable way to ensure compliance with institutional standards and regulations, serving as the linchpin for efficiency, safety, and quality assurance.

SteriFlight UVC Tower

The SteriFlight UVC Sanitization Tower is perfectly suited as a device for demanding sanitization tasks. Utilizing the exact same technology being used to clean aircraft, you can now clean your cars, office spaces, hotel rooms, and most spaces up to 1K square feet. UVC light + Ozone has been proven to eliminate up to 99% of COVID-19, Influenza A, MRSA H1N1, mold, and pollen without leaving residue.

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