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Partnering with leading manufacturers, NEWCOM designs the most comprehensive technology systems based on our clients’ needs.  From mobility all the way through the data center, NEWCOM maximizes “off the shelf” technology solutions with customized applications giving the customer exactly what they need.

Our experts are a focused team of engineers with years of design, implementation, and IT experience. We work to combine people, machines, and software together to deliver your vision for IT solutions, today.


IT solutions tend to organically evolve over time, often resulting in changes from the original plan. Software updates and configurations may not have been maintained. Security may need to be updated. The design may have drifted from industry best practices, and documentation may not be accurate. It’s extremely valuable to step back periodically and evaluate the environment in light of your current business needs and current supported technologies available today.


How we communicate today has transformed the way people work, live, play, and learn. Employees expect faster response times and more details for them and their teams at work. Effective collaboration is critical in a modern world where employees are geographically dispersed, travel, and budgets are tight, and information overload is considered normal.

Project Management

The importance of project management is critical for the success of IT projects today. There are many complex pieces that need to be organized and scheduled. If hardware and software licenses are not in place, or you’re missing a critical appliance component – deadlines are missed.

Digital Infrastructure

NEWCOM understands the bedrock of services that are necessary in the digital arena. Make the most of your experience and take advantage of our innovations so you can realize your potential.


Complacency cannot exist where security strategies and programs are concerned. As technology and IT environments continue to evolve at a rapid pace, security risks evolve right alongside them. Third party testing of your security posture is a critical step to incrementally strengthening your security program. Our security assessment experts provide crucial services that give insight into your business’ vulnerabilities, as well as, consultation on your most critical risks.

Strengthen Your Security

Our Comprehensive Security Assessment (CSA) provides a thorough security evaluation of an organization’s IT assets. A Rapid Security Assessment (RSA) is a good option for organizations that may not have the time or resources for a more comprehensive checkup.


Our assessments review your network, cybersecurity stance, cloud strategy, and/or overall data protection strategy. Once evaluated, we present you with all our findings. We discuss the potential impact they have on your business and make recommendations that align with industry best practices.


NEWCOM understands that providing safety and security is the #1 goal in our homes and in our communities.

Connect and Sync

Managing life by electronics can be difficult. NEWCOM ensures all electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets are sync’d to keep your day-to-day lives organized.


NEWCOM works with 3rd party network security technologies to protect against attacks from Internet, viruses, and malware.

IT Managed Services

Trained engineers are on the job to prevent, detect, and respond to IT as a service line for businesses with rapidly changing demands.

Public Safety CAD

Making sure that the systems and networks support your mission critical operations is one of our core competencies. Our managed services program gives your police, fire, or EMS agency that extra confidence against system failures.

  • Prevention – We provide dynamic threat analysis and assess and recommend process and technology solutions continually.
  • Detection – We design monitoring programs to spot issues before they become problems and spot problems before they become failures.
  • Response – When there are potential or actual failures, we quickly access the situation, determine the best course of action and go to work to resolve the issue.

Security Compliance

Building security solutions specifically for your unique needs with every small, but critical, detail considered for security and risk implications.

We use the CIA triad model to guide policies for information security within organizations. Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability.

Data Security

Data encryption using a solution such as Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) protects data at rest, but what about securing data in transit?

Ensuring data protection is adequate requires multiple security strategies.

Mobile Security

Through a combination of hardware and software we are able to safely transmit your data into the data center.

We help our customers secure their data capture on the mobile endpoint enabling end-to-end sensitive data protection.

Solutions for your technology hardware software IT service needs.