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Whether we are creating a total solution or recommending a service or product to supplement what you are doing, we understand what it takes to change people and organizations. We know how to leverage technology and solutions to achieve the best result.

NEWCOM Service Levels

Tier 1

The hardware or software purchased will carry the manufacturer’s warranty and technical support terms. A Tier 1 product allows a customer an out-of-the-box setup experience to solve the problem they are facing.

Tier 2

The hardware or software purchased comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and technical support. In addition to purchasing additional setup, configuration, post-service support by phone or email, and extended warranties. This benefit will save you money and cover any issues that arise.

Tier 3

The hardware or software purchased comes with Tier 1 and Tier 2 descriptions along with extended warranties beyond what is available by the manufacturer. The NEWCOM team will install, support, and keep an inventory of critical infrastructure and replacements.

Design & Implementation

Projects are coordinated through our corporate headquarters providing our customers with fast turn-around installation teams. Our certified technicians and experienced project managers are trained to exceed all industry standards and ensure our customers are up and running with no down time. Our 8,500+ wireless system installations are deployed in a variety of mobile and fixed locations.

Project Management

With a dedicated customer interface, our project managers along with our system engineers and configuration specialists determine system design, project requirements, and any third party integration or customization. Pulling together the configuration, location, and infrastructure requirements, our teams ensure schedules and milestones are met through a set of comprehensive master project plans covering labor, installation, and escalation.

Solutions for your technology hardware software IT service needs.