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Maine EMS Connectivity Project

EMS provides high quality patient care across the State of Maine 

PEMBROKE, Massachusetts, May 2, 2024 – NEWCOM is at the forefront of modernizing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through the State of Maine EMS Connectivity project. Director of Maine EMS, Wil O’Neal, recognizes the profound impact this technology will have on enhancing patient care throughout the state.

To date, NEWCOM has installed over 250 vehicles for 77 agencies for the State of Maine EMS Connectivity Project 

By leveraging cutting-edge connectivity solutions provided by NEWCOM, EMS teams will be empowered with real-time access to critical information and resources, enabling them to deliver more efficient and effective care to those in need. O’Neal emphasizes the significance of this initiative in advancing EMS capabilities and looks forward to future improvements that will further elevate the quality of emergency medical services across the state.

“Nearly 300,000 EMS calls occur every year in Maine.”

Maine EMS 

  • Maine has 5,063 volunteers and career licensed EMS personnel
  • 85 Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs)
  • 2,631 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • 878 Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs)
  • 1,469 Paramedics
  • Although not licensed by Maine EMS, some EMS services also use a number of people as vehicle operators to drive safely to the scene and to the hospital.

Are you a Maine EMS agency?

If you have existing technology but are interested in upgrading your equipment or expanding the capacity of your equipment under this opportunity, don’t hesitate to complete the interest form through Maine EMS.

NEWCOM’s contract with the state allows variation for each unit based on what is needed to reach the desired level of connectivity. Therefore, we can perform upgrades to existing equipment if desired. If you have other emergency vehicles that you wish to outfit with this technology (e.g., fire apparatus, law enforcement vehicles, snowplows, etc.), there is a Master Service Agreement with the State of Maine that is accessible to local governments.


NEWCOM has 25+ years of experience with mobility projects and has carefully curated suppliers that are leaders in emerging technology products. Based in the metropolitan Boston area with operations nationwide, NEWCOM designs the most comprehensive systems based on our client’s needs, leveraging “off-the-shelf” technology solutions with customized applications and implementation. NEWCOM, as a systems integrator and solution provider for public safety and government, provides the critical link between wireless technology and business optimization. NEWCOM holds a Master Service Agreement with the State of Maine to support Maine EMS in the procurement, design, deployment, integration, and installation of turn-key connectivity solutions for emergency solutions.

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