Sensor Technology

Sensor technology and software come together to manage the office, building, vehicle, and campus environments. NEWCOM can identify, design, and implement the supporting infrastructure for a multiple array of sensors to deploy a best in class solution.


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Professional Services


We specialize in enterprise and emergency vehicle control using GPS tracking hardware and software solutions. We customize applications for any size fleet with connectivity through all communication protocols including Band 14.

Traffic Management Systems

There are several product offerings to wirelessly control traffic intersection systems using both light control and pre-emption. We specialize in route optimization, (RTR) return to route technology for scheduling, security, and operational efficiencies.

Wireless Communication

We provide wireless communication systems for voice, data, and video with end-to-end management of infrastructure including temporary and permanent installations.

Data Center and Infrastructure

Advanced solutions facilitate crisis management among multiple departments and agencies enabling seamless sharing of data for rapid collaboration.

Industry Leader

Leading the industry with a collaborative approach to systems integration, NEWCOM provides the critical link between wireless technology and business optimization providing customized, best-in-class wireless solutions that are designed to maximize our clients technology investment in the face of the on-going technological change.

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