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MetaDefender Storage Security

Secure Your Storage with OPSWAT

Storage solutions facilitate access, sharing, and collaboration. However, they leave the IT and security departments in a blind spot when it comes to malware and sensitive data loss. This is a critical security hole, as per a 2020 report, 80% of companies experienced a cloud data breach. MetaDefender Storage Security offers a robust layer of protection for securing stored enterprise data such as files and images. It helps you prevent data breaches, downtime, and compliance violations in your cloud and on-premises storage.

MetaDefender Storage Datasheet

MetaDefender Storage Security lets you trust the data shared within your organization.

NEWCOM will leverage the capabilities of OPSWAT’s MetaDender Storage Security solutions to uncover security vulnerabilities in their customers’ infrastructure. NEWCOM offers a comprehensive assessment, to reveal and give full visibility into potential risks associated with users and services for quick remediation. Customers will receive a proposal of recommendations featuring OPSWAT solutions that mitigate risks and shield their critical infrastructure from emerging cyber threats.

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NEWCOM is focused on safety and security. This includes securing mission critical data and systems. We represent leading manufacturers and software providers, such as OPSWAT to focus on end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. Request an Assessment today at

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Zero-Day Threat Prevention

Disarm unknown content and output safe, usable files. OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology is focused on preventing an attack before it occurs. It can sanitize hidden or unknown malware from 100+ file types.

Advanced Threat Detection

Multiscanning with 30+ anti-malware engines (Mcafee, ESET, Avira, K7, Crowdstrike, Sophos, etc.) combining all detection mechanisms (signatures, heuristics, AI/NGAV) leaves little room for error.

Broad Integration Coverage

Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint Online and Azure, Amazon S3, Box, Cloudian S3, Dell Isillon, and any SMB compatible or S3 compatible storage; can all be seamlessly integrated so that you can start evaluating their health within minutes.

Compliance Risk Mitigation

Detect, redact, mask, or block sensitive data. OPSWAT’s Proactive DLP technology provides automated reporting and remediation for sensitive data loss to keep you in line with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Scan. Sanitize. Store.

Files from users in the organization are scanned for malware and analyzed for potential data loss or unsolicited privacy data. Suspicious files can be sanitized, while sensitive data from files can be reported and redacted automatically. Native integration with many cloud and on-premises storage services makes this solution easy to deploy. Automated and actionable audit reports give IT professionals full visibility into potential risks associated with users and services for quick remediation.


For the last 20 years OPSWAT, a global leader in IT, OT, and ICS critical infrastructure cybersecurity, has continuously evolved an end-to-end solutions platform that gives public and private sector organizations and enterprises the critical advantage needed to protect their complex networks and ensure compliance. Empowered by a “Trust no file. Trust no device.™” philosophy, OPSWAT solves customers’ challenges around the world with zero-trust solutions and patented technologies across every level of their infrastructure, securing their networks, data, and devices, and preventing known and unknown threats, zero-day attacks, and malware. Discover how OPSWAT protects the world’s critical infrastructure and helps secure our way of life; visit