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Backeye® 360

Eliminates blind spots, improves safety

All vehicles have blind spots – areas around the vehicle that are obscured to the driver by bodywork or machinery. When maneuvering, these blind spots present a significant danger to anything or anyone in the vehicle’s path and inhibit the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely. Mirrors and single-view cameras can help, but even with this extra assistance, the driver may still not see everything in the vehicle’s path.

Backeye®360 is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low-speed maneuvering by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle in a real-time.

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Eliminates blind spots, improves safety

Comprehensive view of the surrounding area in a single image

Reduces collisions with people and objects

Research shows that in the time it takes to scan four mirrors, assess and then react to hazards, even at speeds as low as 3mph a vehicle could travel as far as 33ft.


Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, Reseller Partner of Brigade Electronics and can easily answer questions and help to explore your complete camera monitor options for your organization’s needs. Our NEWCOM Engineers design and propose the right comprehensive camera monitor systems based on your department’s integration requirements.

Also, did you know NEWCOM is an Awarded Vendor with multiple purchasing contracts? As an Awarded Vendor, NEWCOM offers buyers the opportunity to purchase hardware, software, related accessories, and services at discounted pricing without the delay and expense of going out to bid for government organizations.

More about Brigade

Brigade Electronics is a market leader of safety devices, with solutions to suit all on and off-road vehicles. Brigade’s complementary range of safety devices help prevent collisions by assisting the driver while protecting workers, pedestrians, and cyclists.