Why PowerProtect Cyber Recovery?

The last line of data protection defense against cyber attacks

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates workflows end-to-end to protect critical data, identify suspicious activity, and perform data recovery when required. The Cyber Recovery vault is disconnected from the network via an automated air gap and stores all critical data off-network to isolate it from attack. This promotes business resiliency, provides assurance following extreme data loss or destruction, and includes both business and technology configuration data to enable rapid recovery of the environment and resumption of normal business operations.

Critical data resides off-network and isolated from cyber attack

Cyber Recovery vault is air gapped from the network to prevent access

Updated through the replication process based on acceptable risk exposure limits of uptime connectivity and data loss parameters

Remediated against threats while off-line and capable of retaining iterative copies to current –n versions (based on business needs)

Allows complete visibility into the integrity of all the data and metadata protected

Increase effectiveness of Prevent/Detect cybersecurity when performed in protected environment

Diagnosis of attack vectors can take place within an isolated vault environment

Analytics monitor the integrity of data that is backed up and the integrity of the backup catalog

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