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Boost Operational Efficiency, Productivity & Agility 

Fulcrum for Where it Matters Most

Utilities face considerable headwinds, finding themselves squeezed by regulator-driven demands for sustainability and environmental care, and grappling with escalating service delivery costs. In this challenging landscape, GIS-enhanced data collection emerges as a crucial tool for utilities, aiding in balancing these demands while maintaining operational efficiency.

Streamline Field Operations

Fulcrum can significantly streamline field operations and offset environmental and economic challenges. Their GIS-enhanced data collection platform is designed to optimize your use of time, personnel, and resources. By standardizing data collection and integrating seamlessly with GIS, Fulcrum enhances data quality and reliability, boosting operational efficiency, productivity, and agility.

As utilities continue to be stretched thin by many issues, NEWCOM identifies with Fulcrum’s SaaS platform which provides the tools that help maintain the balance between demand, reliability, sustainability, and the constant push for innovation for our customers.

Dealing with the complexities of modernizing infrastructure and ensuring operational reliability? Learn how optimizing your field operations with Fulcrum’s GIS-enhanced data collection platform can help.

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Utility Challenges

The need to overhaul legacy systems for modern demands, like supporting electric vehicles or replacing lead pipes, has been constrained by slow growth rates.

Inflation shrinking the budget for projects, as the costs of materials and labor continue to rise.

Heightened scrutiny from consumers, many of whom are struggling with rising utility bills, results in regulator hesitancy to approve the rate increases essential for utilities’ survival.

Ensure unwavering reliability by keeping electricity and water flowing without interruption, even as increasingly volatile weather patterns threaten operations.

Investor risk in utilities is impacted by declining sales per customer and rising costs, all during a time when significant capital investment is crucial to address aging infrastructure and other pressing issues.

Fulcrum’s Features Empower Utilities to Tackle Challenges

Enhanced data collection and management

Empower your field teams while streamlining data collection management, achieving more with less time and effort.

Seamless system integration and real-time data exchange

Fulcrum joins disparate systems into a synchronized and comprehensive data strategy, vastly improving decision-making and agility.

Robust geospatial tools and analysis

The GIS-enhanced data collection platform combines data precision and analytical depth to produce a wealth of geospatial insights. With a precise understanding and manipulation of geographic data, utilities and utility contractors can streamline operations and improve responsiveness.

Advanced user experience and workflow automation

Fulcrum provides the framework for natural workflows, enhancing field team efficiency and data accuracy, while offline capabilities ensure operational integrity.

Why contact NEWCOM?

As a strategic technology partner, the NEWCOM team is trusted and trained on the value of  Fulcrum’s enterprise technology platform to help deliver a digital transformation for your company. We can build, maintain, and enhance infrastructure to match the technology with the software application that best fits your design. Our goal is to help you optimize safety and quality inspections, protect property, and secure assets with Fulcrum.

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More about Fulcrum

Fulcrum’s vision is to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with data collection, workflow automation, and analytics by transforming the way our customers perform mobile business processes. Our SaaS platform allows non-developers to rapidly build and deploy apps — in minutes rather than days — without code. The result is rapid time to value for customers, high-fidelity data collection and reporting, and a data-driven approach to process automation and performance optimization for mobile teams. Our customers rely on Fulcrum to ensure safety and quality, stay compliant, protect property and secure assets, maintain and enhance existing infrastructure, and keep new infrastructure projects on-time and on-budget. For more information, please visit

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