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Are you prepared with a DR Plan for the next natural disaster to strike?

Don’t let the thought of downtime keep you up at night. Act now to ensure availability of your data and applications under any circumstances.

Outages do not discriminate. Not having an outage for a year (or even ten years) does not mean you are less vulnerable. NEWCOM has teamed up with Neverfail to help various companies with their disaster recovery projects. Working with so many customers has led Neverfail to develop unique perspectives and experiences that businesses should be aware of when putting together their disaster recovery (DR) plans.

“I can’t stress enough that we have zero tolerance for downtime. With Neverfail solutions in place, we are confident that our applications are protected and assured that our business processes are safe, no matter what.”

Perry GoldenDirector, Information Technology at Centurum

Your disaster recovery plan must minimize risk and ensure that your business can resume operations quickly after disaster strikes.

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The Most Common Misconceptions

Regardless of what causes it, an outage may be nothing more than a wrinkle in your day or it can end your business in one fell swoop. One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is realizing you truly needed a disaster recovery plan when you did not have one.

“I have a generator…”

One of the central concepts within a disaster DR is to remove as many single points of failure as possible. Single power grids, single sources of data, and/or single connection points will bite you when you least expect it. A generator gives you a secondary source of power, but we have all heard the stories – from the generator being out of gas or out of maintenance, to failures of generators and backup generators.

“We have a BC/DR solution in place…”

Any solution can only provide full protection to your business if it implements a holistic DR plan that accounts for every area of your business, and the solution has been tested as far as is possible in planned and unplanned scenarios.

“We have a DR site in place…”

DR sites are often chosen for proximity and ease of access. However, if your DR site is on the same power grid or in the same region, it is possible for a single event to take out both sites. With heat, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters seen over the last few years, things like rolling black outs, brown outs, and power issues are becoming increasingly common.

“We have not had an outage in a while, so other priorities come first…”

This is possibly the most dangerous misconception. Investing in DR doesn’t seem critical to many organizations until it is too late. It is definitely better to be proactive than reactive on this one.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

With each misconception, there are corrective actions you can take to prevent these issues from making your recovery from a disaster more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming that it has to be. The good news is that we have also witnessed many companies experience what should have been a catastrophic outage without even skipping a beat.

It all comes down to your plan and, more importantly, what assumptions your plan is making. People, timing, resource availability, and technology all play a part. The key element of any plan though, is thinking through what could happen and how a disaster could affect your business’s ability to survive.

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