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Radio IP New Version of Armada 3.0

First z-axis powered mobile VPN

First, z-axis powered mobile VPN client provides unrivaled security, awareness, and location accuracy for agencies needing x, y, and z location intelligence

RadioIP, a leader in secure mobile communications, announces the commercial launch of the latest release of the Armada™ VPN Client and Synopsis Control Center, which now includes precision z-axis vertical location intelligence technology.

With this release, first responder and security agency users of the Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting Metrics Platform can ensure personnel is safe and securely located at both horizontal and vertical levels, and that command can have the connectivity and situational awareness required, without fear of their mission being compromised.

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NextNav’s z-axis services, combined with Armada™ VPN’s secure connectivity, will provide the location intelligence needed for today’s public safety and security challenges.”

Roch TremblayCOO of RadioIP

Mobile Virtual Private Network

For Android & iOS Devices

  • Radio IP’s 4th generation of mobile VPNs.
  • Official release February 2020.
  • Dedicated for Android and iOS devices: Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Based on Open Standards: Mobike, IKEv2.
  • 2 software parts: Gateway + Client creating a virtual tunnel for secured data exchanges.
  • Easy but Strong Authentication of devices: Certificate exchanges, Quarantine/Authorized.
  • Supports Broadband networks (LTE, Cellular, WiFi).
  • Easy integration and deployment with efficient tools like MDM.
  • Seamless and Transparent Roaming.
  • Strong Encryption for Data Security: FBI CJIS compliant, FIPS 140-2, AES 256, FirstNet verified.
  • Enforces security policies while maintaining applications connected.
  • Application and Session Persistence to ensure constant connectivity: stops the application from crashing when connectivity is lost (i.e. blind spots).
  • Mission-Critical applications are agnostic: CAD, AVL, RMS, Ticketing…
  • High Availability: Scalability, Load Balancing, Redundancy.
  • Group Policies Management and Split-Tunnelling capabilities.

Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is an Authorized Partner for Radio IP Software committed to the safety and security of public safety agencies. NEWCOM provides the essential link between wireless technology and business optimization by providing customized, best-in-class solutions designed to maximize technology investment in face of the ongoing technological change.

More about Radio IP

A leader in mobile communications, Radio IP Software offers a portfolio of mobile VPN solutions to overcome the performance, security, connectivity, and roaming challenges associated with wireless networks to achieve faster response times. Designed for today’s wireless and mobile environments, our solutions enable mobile users to seamlessly roam across all network environments. Radio IP provides award-winning services for mission-critical and business-critical communication. We work with corporations, utilities, and government agencies in North America, Europe, South East Asia, and Australia.