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Prevent downtime with proven high availability

Accelerate your digital transformation strategy in a post-pandemic world
A process manufacturer’s bottom line depends on its ability to keep its infrastructure, systems, applications and machinery up and running at all times. No matter how slight, any downtime can lead to lower yields, inferior product quality, missed deadlines, compliance fines and unhappy customers. All these factors have a real financial impact: lower asset ROI, revenues and profits.

To avoid these consequences, process manufacturers require continuous availability and failure-prevention compute platforms supporting IT, OT and a wide variety of other applications. Specifically, manufacturing organizations should deploy redundant computing platforms, so if one node fails, the backup takes over immediately. Many process manufacturers would also be wise to select rugged, industrial-grade servers capable of operating in harsh plant environments.

As process manufacturers consider the right computing platform, they should look for technology that supports fault-tolerant and/or high availability workloads, failure recovery, CPU restart, self-checking, machine diagnostics and health alerts indicating potential issues before something fails.

How can process manufacturers overcome challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many process manufacturing leaders quickly developed creative ideas to successfully fend off the initial challenges caused by the pandemic. Yet chances are good that these companies are still looking to adopt new approaches to provide business advantages in the near future.

At Stratus Technologies, these are exactly the types of conversations we are currently having with our process manufacturing customers. We have found that many of these discussions consistently uncover a few common topics, so if your organization is looking for best practices to accelerate your digital transformation strategy in a post-pandemic world, we recommend considering the four strategies below.

Learn More on the Four Technology Strategies

By following the four strategies outlined above — preventing downtime, embracing remote monitoring systems and controls, deploying OT-friendly systems and taking full advantage of innovative new technologies — process manufacturers can gain a critical advantage over the competition and best position their business for immediate success in a post-pandemic world and beyond."

Aric ProstGlobal Director, OEM, at Stratus Technologies

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Four Technology Strategies

Prevent downtime with proven high availability

Reduce risk from a distance: remote monitoring and controls

Close the IT-OT gap with easy-to-manage technology

Take advantage of innovative new technologies

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