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End-to-End AI is near… are you ready for it?

Artificial Intelligence Ramps Up in the Enterprise

The conversation around artificial intelligence applications continues to grow, especially for digitally driven enterprises. These forward-looking businesses are already laying the groundwork for AI-driven applications that automate and enhance business processes, simplifying their day-to-day.

The rise of AI in the enterprise is more than an incremental change for IT and business leaders. It’s a wave of change that calls for the implementation of end-to-end AI strategies and supporting capabilities underlying the IT infrastructure.

As AI continues to spread through business processes for most enterprises, more data will drive better products and services, improved customer experience and more relevant business insights. This data is to be extracted from their products and services, employees, internal operations, and partners.

As these business models become increasingly data-driven, the key challenge will be to identify and capture the data they need to improve their offerings, then use it effectively to drive value for the business and its customers and partners.

What to Expect for End-to-End AI within the Enterprise

These key takeaways are a summary from the International Data Corporation (IDC) white paper, ‘End-to-End AI is Within Reach’, outlining key considerations for enterprises moving processes and services driven by AI.

Enterprises Need an End-to-End AI Strategy

Integrated across three different deployment models—from edge to core data center to cloud.
  • Because of the many new requirements of this hybrid, multi-cloud strategy, almost 70% of IT organizations will continue to modernize their IT infrastructure.
  • Successfully deployed AI will have AI infrastructure distributed across edge, core and cloud deployment locations, exhibiting different workload profiles. Enterprises should strive to craft a well-integrated strategy that leverages each of these deployment locations effectively.
  • Data capture points will increase as enterprises extract data from edge devices, their own products and services, employees, supply chain partners and customers. After having been leveraged for insights, data needs to be joined by compute to perform more analysis.

New Demands on IT Infrastructure

AI workloads will demand many new capabilities from the underlying IT infrastructure.
  • Consider infrastructure requirements for AI from three angles—scale, portability and time—while modernizing IT infrastructure.
  • Build using general-purpose and accelerated compute, distributed unstructured storage platforms, a mix of storage technologies, and AI-driven systems management, as well as AI framework tools (i.e. PyTorch, TensorFlow).
  • Underlying storage infrastructure is a key component. Legacy architectures will generally not provide the right foundation for long-term AI success.
  • While each phase of the AI pipeline requires a performance-intensive compute, there are various types of compute resources that are suitable for the different AI pipeline stages.

DELL Technologies for AI

Dell offers a range of systems for every AI scenario, allowing businesses to grow their capabilities at their own pace as their needs shift and data sets grow. Deployment scenarios include data center, edge, cloud and multi-cloud, with the compute brought to the data, not the other way around.

To help customers succeed with AI, NEWCOM in collaboration with Dell EMC Validated Designs for AI, engineering-validated stacks, make it easy for enterprises to buy, deploy and manage successful AI projects. This includes the underlying IT infrastructure and the expertise to create optimized solutions that drive real business value.

A broad IT infrastructure portfolio, including compute, storage and networking resources, and AI eco-system partnerships, brings the right resources together with an end-to-end AI focus that drives competitive differentiation for its customers.

As end-to-end AI takes shape within organizations, NEWCOM has partnered with Dell at the frontlines, and is prepared to aid in this ongoing shift.

Why Contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, Gold Partner of Dell Technologies and is able to answer questions and provide solutions tailored to your Dell technology needs. Based in the metropolitan Boston area with operations nationwide. Our expert project team of engineers offers turnkey solutions for commercial and public sector markets ranging from system analysis, design, installation, implementation, and system management, and raises the bar for the highest standards for customer support. Partnering with Dell Technologies allows NEWCOM to provide the critical link between IT solutions and business optimization providing customized, best-in-class solutions that are designed to maximize our client’s technology investment in the face of the on-going technological change. 

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