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NEWCOM Blazes Forward on State of Maine EMS Connectivity Project

As of February 16th, 2023, NEWCOM has equipped 49 emergency medical service agencies in the State of Maine with high-speed internet using a rugged vehicle router with Wi-Fi, roof-mounted antenna, FirstNet Service by AT&T, and a state-of-the-art emergency vehicle alerting system.

This is such an exciting project, our team at Maine EMS is very pleased with the progress that has been made so far. Improved connectivity enhances our ability to deliver the best in pre-hospital care, and it is a key component of our 2035 Plan for a Sustainable EMS System in the State of Maine,”

Wil O'NealDirector, Maine EMS

The project is blazing ahead

The project is blazing ahead, already allowing these agencies to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal in and around the ambulance, including in homes. This increased communication for EMS improves pre-hospital care, access to the Internet, and helps ensure a safe emergency route to care.

NEWCOM is modernizing emergency medical services in the State of Maine through the State of Maine EMS Connectivity project.

“The new technology being deployed means EMTs stay connected inside and outside of the ambulance. This leads to enhanced patient care, and ability to communicate lifesaving data quickly. The project improves response times through increased visibility of EMS agency assets,” said Jim Carman of NEWCOM.


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NEWCOM has 25+ years of experience with mobility projects and has carefully curated suppliers that are leaders in emerging technology products. Based in the metropolitan Boston area with operations nationwide, NEWCOM designs the most comprehensive systems based on our client’s needs, leveraging “off-the-shelf” technology solutions with customized applications and implementation. NEWCOM, as a systems integrator and solution provider for public safety and government, provides the critical link between wireless technology and business optimization. NEWCOM holds a Master Service Agreement with the State of Maine to support Maine EMS in procurement, design, deployment, integration, and installation of turn-key connectivity solution for emergency solutions. To learn more, visit

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