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 “New” R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router

Cradlepoint adds an innovative edge endpoint to the industry’s broadest 5G Wireless WAN portfolio

Cradlepoint adds an innovative edge endpoint to the industry’s broadest 5G Wireless WAN portfolio with the new R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router for vehicle and IoT networks. This innovative exterior-mounted product can be deployed as a stand-alone 5G router or as a 5G captive modem when added to either new or existing deployments.

NetCloud Mobile Performance with “NEW” 5G Ruggedized “Router-on-the-roof”

The R2100 Series is part of a NetCloud Mobile Performance or NetCloud Ruggedized IoT Package. Cradlepoint NetCloud provides connectivity, network, security, and location services to connect everything in the vehicle or IoT deployment while providing access to IT for remote management, troubleshooting, and analytics. When coupled with the Advanced Mobile Performance service plan, organizations gain a full suite of security and AVL capabilities, including threat management, web filtering, application visibility, analytics, and advanced GNSS/GPS functionality with location tracking and cellular coverage maps. The R2100 can also support the NetCloud Exchange services, which provide Zero Trust Network Access and 5G Optimized SD-WAN.

Key Benefits:

Deploy the integrated 5G NR / Cat 20 LTE modem, antenna, and Wi-Fi 6-equipped router in one complete package

Install as a self-contained 5G router or supplement an existing router as a 5G adapter

Provide easy installation with a power cable or Power over Ethernet (PoE) and no coax cables

Define policies through centralized cloud-based management for easy deployment at scale

Prioritize access on public safety networks for reliable, secure connectivity

Create a cellular coverage map of your area’s 5G and LTE coverage

Integrate into Automatic Vehicle Location systems with GNSS/GPS

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5G Outdoor Router for Vehicles and IoT

The R2100 ruggedized router is built to withstand extreme environments and is ideally suited for installations within mass transit, public safety, first responder, SMB, enterprise, and government organizations with a fleet, vehicle, or IoT component.

Designed to be mounted on the rooftop of a vehicle or attached to IoT cabinet enclosures, the R2100 integrates the modem, antennas, and router into a single aerodynamic, ruggedized casing allowing for simplified deployment. The R2100 is available with or without Wi-Fi 6 and can be deployed as a self-contained router or to supplement an existing router as a 5G adapter.

High Performance Captive Modem

The R2100 Series can act as a captive modem and be managed as an integrated WAN interface on the controlling router. This allows 5G to be added to an LTE deployment, or a second 5G connection added to a 5G router. It can also provide captive Wi-Fi to an R1900 Series controlling router. Easily deployed with no coax cabling, the R2100 Series can be POE powered while providing a height-performance 5G connection over Ethernet.

R2100 Series 5G Ruggedized Router

High-performance 5G ruggedized router for high-performance vehicles and IoT connectivity

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Firewall Throughput:

900 Mbps

WAN Connectivity:

5G  & LTE Cat 20

LAN Connectivity:

Wi-Fi 6, 2.5 GbE



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