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NEWCOM has been chosen as an Authorized Channel Partner for Truleo to Expand Domestic, Global Reach

Building trust in law enforcement through the automated analysis of police civilian interactions.

PEMBROKE, Massachusetts, February 14, 2022 NEWCOM signed on as an Authorized Channel Partner for Truleo. The company launched the first and only body camera audio analytics platform for law enforcement. The body worn camera (BWC) audio analytics platform enables law enforcement agencies to analyze thousands of daily interactions captured on body worn cameras.

Truleo gives our law enforcement customers a complete solution by allowing agencies to manage the complex activities of officers by improving their service to our communities. Our Truleo partnership creates a full complimentary body worn camera solution that aligns with our mission.”

Dov KoplovskyOwner and CEO of NEWCOM

Truleo processes BWC data at scale and surfaces risky behavior in a completely secure and confidential manner. Police departments can use Truleo’s reports to mitigate their risk, provide coaching, dictate policy changes, and reduce costs associated with their BWC program.

About Truleo

Truleo’s mission is to support police agencies in building trust between law enforcement and the community they serve. They accomplish this by surfacing risky interactions, identifying trends in officer behavior, and creating a cost effective way for departments to analyze and search through all of their body worn camera data. Their mission helps agencies improve their officer training, budgets, policy, and overall relationship with their community. This is all accomplished in a completely secure (CJIS compliant), confidential, and cost-effective manner.


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