Sensor Technology 

Sensors transform real world physical properties and provide the measurement data to manage and control your environment. Data is collected and integrated into your IT infrastructure to enable more precise decision making for your organization.

How NEWCOM can provide solutions…

Sensors and software come together to manage the office, building, vehicle, and campus environments. Identifying, designing, and implementing the supporting infrastructure for a multiple array of sensors is the key to putting the data from these sensors to work for you. Collecting, storing, and retrieving this data quickly can be challenging, but NEWCOM will work with you to answer the questions you have to deploy a best in class solution.

▪︎ Sensors are devices used to detect the presence of any physical object in the vicinity and remotely send information about the same to a receiving end.

▪︎ Sensor hardware is almost always used in combination with other electronics.

▪︎ Software is the horsepower behind the scenes organizing and retrieving your data quickly.

Sensors are in every aspect of our lives and becoming more, and more advanced in collecting data needed to make formulated decisions in business.

Dov KoplovskyOwner & CEO


To see who has a temperature or not can be done using handheld hardware, or fixed mounted hardware for lobby and entrance areas. Temperature can also be measured using handheld thermal IR devices.


The sensor is used to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as smoke, vape, and common cleaners. As chemicals enter the sensor chamber and cross the path of the light beam, light is scattered by the VOC particles, aiming it toward the sensor, which in return triggers the alarm.


Detection of colors and to recognize color, marks, and shapes. Also, distinguish between different colors. The interaction between light sources, object, and receiver are measured using cameras.

Flow & Level

Flow and Level are used to determine the level of fluids in space. It works on the principle of buoyancy. A magnet is connected to the device and when the level rises, the magnet gives a signal to the switch that makes it work.


Measurement of distance between transmitting and receiving ultrasonic signals. They are two types of ultrasonic sensors are proximity and continuous.


Touch works as a switch and does the specific cooperation when touched. There are IR sensors and capacitive touch sensors that work on pressure sensing.


To measure the pressure of liquids and gases. The pressure is measured through the on/off valves and generates a signal as output.


Light sensors convert light energy into an electrical signal to see the output. They are otherwise called as photo sensors or photoelectric devices.


The device that measures the infrared light emitted by objects within its view is called an infrared sensor. IR sensors either emit or detect infrared lights. Active and passive infrared sensors measure IR lights based on the warmth or the material. 


Humidity is also called a hygrometer and is used to measure the moisture or air temperature present in the atmosphere. The information from the sensor is used for measuring humidity.


This device is used to measure the tilt or rotation of the reference plane in different axes. This is used to measure the inclination or rotation of the surface. This can be used in vehicles as a safety alarm when an accident occurs.


Accelerometers are used to measure the acceleration of a device or a vehicle. Proper acceleration of the body depends on the motion or rest of the body whereas coordinate acceleration depends on the coordinate system of the body.


NEWCOM’s partners with many different sensor manufacturers to understand the benefits of each product by identifying, designing, and implementing the supporting infrastructure Collecting, storing, and retrieving this data quickly can be challenging… NEWCOM will work with you to answer the questions you have to deploy a best in class solution.

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