CyberSense to Detect, Diagnose, and Quickly Recover from Cyberattacks

Fully integrated with Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, CyberSense audits your data and detects indicators of compromise and attacks:

• Proactively understand when an attack is in motion with over 99% accuracy

• Enable you to identify and diagnose potential threats and recover “known good” data quickly

• Reduce downtime and business interruptions so you can resume normal operations with confidence

When an attack gets past real-time defenses and corrupts files or databases, you have confidence that clean data is isolated in the Cyber Recovery vault and has been analyzed by CyberSense. CyberSense is constantly monitoring data integrity within the vault and detects mass deletions, encryption, and over 100 types of changes in files and databases that result from common attacks. If CyberSense detects signs of corruption, an alert is generated, with the attack vector and listing of files affected. This enables business operations to continue with minimal or no interruption and quickly rather than within many weeks or months.

Data is Your Business…

and Cyber Threats Place Your Business at Risk

Technical Risks
  • All data is susceptible to a cyber attack
  • Primary storage replication can replicate corrupted data
  • Backup catalog is not replicated
  • Recovery from tape is slow and failure-prone
  • Backup copies not isolated from the network
People And Process Risks
  • IT and Ops access most, if not all, backup asset
  • Security teams not assigned to assets
  • Bad actors inside firewall can delete primary backups
  • Business-critical/non-critical data are not segregated
  • Backup images can be ‘expired’ without approval

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