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…Drive high levels of quality without slowing business processes

Modernizing your field operations today will pay dividends well into the future. First, by helping you acquire data with better breadth, accuracy, and quality; second, by providing you with insights that can help your team perform better. And by making the data your employees collect in the field more valuable, you also increase your team’s value to the organization.

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Data becomes more valuable as more people use it.” - Fulcrum

Digital mobile data collection

Use a smartphone or tablet to quickly, efficiently, and consistently conduct quality inspections that capture photos, video, and signatures – even without cell or WiFi coverage.

Deploy efficiently and without code

Skip the IT backlog. Without code or programmers, you can create new QA checklists, apps, and reports and deploy them to your teams remotely.

Deliver field workflow automation

Create remediation notifications and automate workflows that reduce friction in the quality-inspection process.

Drive business optimization

Use insights generated from your data to show management the impact QA has on the business.

Why Contact NEWCOM?

As a strategic technology partner, the NEWCOM team is trusted and trained on the value of Fulcrum’s enterprise technology platform to help deliver digital transformation for your company. We can build, maintain, and enhance infrastructure to match the technology with the software application that best fits your design. Our goal is to help you optimize safety and quality inspections, protect property, and secure assets with Fulcrum.

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More about Fulcrum

Fulcrum’s vision is to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with data collection, workflow automation, and analytics by transforming the way our customers perform mobile business processes. Our SaaS platform allows non-developers to rapidly build and deploy apps — in minutes rather than days — without code. The result is rapid time to value for customers, high-fidelity data collection and reporting, and a data-driven approach to process automation and performance optimization for mobile teams. Our customers rely on Fulcrum to ensure safety and quality, stay compliant, protect property and secure assets, maintain and enhance existing infrastructure, and keep new infrastructure projects on-time and on-budget. For more information, please visit fulcrumapp.com.