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Why Upgrade to Continuity Engine v9

Taking advantage of improved performance and security

Many of our customers have had Continuity Engine in place for over a decade. Why? Because of its proven reliability and stability. Although this testifies to the strength and reliability of Continuity Engine, v9 offers incredible new features and improvements that Neverfail users should not miss out on. Now is the time to take advantage and upgrade protected applications with Continuity Engine v9.

Neverfail continues to push the boundaries with product innovation and performance. The launch of Continuity Engine Version 9, delivers the most advanced application-aware failover on the market – for all applications that run on Windows. 

New Core Features

From version 6.5 through the forthcoming Continuity Engine 2022 (version 10), Neverfail has continued to add valuable features:

→ Centralized Administration

  • HTML 5 User Experience
  • Intuitive Unified Deployment Wizard
  • Automated Cloning in VMware Environments
  • Automated Upgrade Process of All Nodes in the Cluster
  • Management Dashboard

Automated Hands-off License Management

  • Online activation of new licenses and automatically apply them to the cluster
  • Renew license to extend the license term
  • Changing license features (Pair to Tertiary)

Low impact patch management

New documentation and online help that is designed to teach HOW TO based tasks 

Localization (Chinese [Traditional/Simplified], Spanish, English, Romanian, Brazil Portuguese) and more are coming 

Thousands of software, performance, and usability improvements

Pending maintenance renewal notifications 

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