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Why Upgrade to Continuity Engine v11?

Complete, consistent, and cost effective availability solution for mission-critical, business applications

Customers who have had the Continuity Engine in place for over a decade choose Neverfail for its proven reliability and stability. Although this testifies to the resilience of Continuity Engine, v11 offers incredible new features and improvements that Neverfail users should not miss out on. Now is the time to take advantage and upgrade protected applications with Continuity Engine v11.

Neverfail continues to push the boundaries with product innovation and performance. The launch of Continuity Engine Version 11 mitigates the risk of downtime and delivers seamless business continuity.

What’s New?

With Continuity Engine 2023 (version 11), Neverfail has continued to add valuable features:

New Supported Versions
  • New or Updated Plugins
  • VMware vCenter Server and VMware vCenter Converter Support
    Better User Experience
    • Continuity Engine Service Optimization
    • Bundled Plugins Visibility
    • NFCMD Enhancements
    • Google Cloud Platform Enhancements – Solution Pack for streamlining hybrid deployments
    • Patching Downtime Reduction with Passive Management Name
    Automated Split-Brain Avoidance Configuration
    Licensing Updates
    • Software Subscription Payment Awareness (since v11)
    • Backward Compatibility
    More Secure
    • SCOPE Security Enhancements
    • OpenJDK and Apache Tomcat version updated to latest

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