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MongoDB Atlas

Move faster with cloud MongoDB service

Move faster with a cloud MongoDB service. Built for agile teams who’d rather spend time building apps than managing databases. MongoDB announces a recent update that makes MongoDB Atlas easier for developers to use and expands the range of applications that can be supported by our cloud database service.

Customers can now securely connect to Atlas clusters from both public and private contexts with the availability of multiple connection strings. This enables several use cases – primarily for customers on GCP and Azure – including easier database connectivity, multi-region clusters, and access to Stitch, Charts, and Live Migration.

MongoDB Stitch, Charts, and Live Migration

Benefits that come with the new connection strings is the ability to use other MongoDB products and services like Stitch, Charts, and Live Migration. Customers on GCP and Azure with peering-enabled clusters can now take advantage of these complementary services to streamline application development, data visualization, and database migration.

NEWCOM is a Channel Partner

As a channel partner, NEWCOM can help your organization streamline application development and move to a flexible and scalable document database, available as a fully managed service. We can set up a live demo to explore how MongoDB Atlas can build your database faster and spend less time troubleshooting. 


MongoDB Stitch is a serverless platform that makes it easy for web developers to build front-end features without having to worry about back-end infrastructure. It offers an integrated suite of services designed to work together with your Atlas data – from functions and triggers to fine-grained data access rules and GraphQL.


MongoDB Charts is the data visualization tool built for MongoDB data. Use Atlas as a data source to create charts and graphs, embed them into your applications, and build live dashboards for sharing and collaboration.

Live Migration

Live Migration is a free service that allows customers using MongoDB to migrate their data from self-managed deployments to Atlas clusters with minimal downtime.

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