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Improve and Strengthen Environmental Safety

…with VOC Sensor Technology

Smoke detection is a small glimpse of a larger population of key smog contributors several classified as carcinogenic. They are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that include a wide range of carbon-based (organic) chemicals (compounds) found in various man-made and naturally occurring solids and liquids. These VOCs are harmful to human health and the environment. It can originate from paint, cleaning supplies, furnishings, glues, permanent markers, and printing equipment. 

NEWCOM provides solutions

Sensors and software come together to manage the office, building, vehicle, and campus environments. Identifying, designing, and implementing the supporting infrastructure for a multiple array of sensors is the key to putting the data from these sensors to work for you. Collecting, storing, and retrieving this data quickly can be challenging, but NEWCOM will work with you to answer the questions you have to deploy a best in class solution.

It is important to stress again the importance of real-time data being key to making good decisions in critical and emergent times.

Dov KoplovskyOwner & CEO
Networking Capabilities
The networking capabilities in sensors today have increasingly improved technology making it versatile to transmit data from these sensors to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The sensor detectors are able to digitally transmit data across networks using microprocessors. Microprocessors are a combination of a database and web server that monitors gas levels. The results are then processed to make any necessary configuration changes. The key to attaining this data is to be able to make quick decisions and changes in real-time.
Alarm Capabilities
Alarm capabilities must be trustworthy with tactful programmable controls. VOC sensors are accurately responsive to eliminate the potential for false alarms. To remove the chances of this, technology calibration settings set strict security parameters to prevent inaccuracies of the sensors. In general, sensors are reliable for almost any environment providing enhanced performance such as detecting and responding to threats with little to no false alarms. 


NEWCOM partners with many different sensor manufacturers to understand the benefits of each product by identifying, designing, and implementing the supporting infrastructure.  NEWCOM will work with you to answer the questions you have to deploy a best in class solution.

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