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4 Benefits of Using a Stop-arm Camera with your Mobile Video Setup

Stop-Arm cameras are a terrific way to improve your mobile video system, as they are designed for one specific instance.

School buses have stop signs that swing out from the left side of the bus to alert drivers that children are crossing the street to either board or deboard from the bus. However, it’s quite common for drivers to treat school buses like city buses and simply pass them should they slow down to pick up passengers. Most state laws require traffic either behind or in front of the school bus to come to a complete stop when school bus stop arms are flashing and out.

Stop-Arm cameras can be mounted to either the stop sign itself or the side of the school bus and offer several benefits.

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During one day in 2019, more than 130,900 school bus drivers across 39 states reported 95,319 illegal passes while their buses’ red lights were flashing and stop arms were extended."

2019 Survey on Illegal Passing of School BusesNational Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS)

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Mobile Video Solutions for School Bus Fleet

A school bus driver has one primary goal: Transport kids to and from school safely.
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Catch Illegally Passing Motorists

Stop-Arm cameras can capture a picture of the driver and the license plate to prosecute violators. Some Stop-Arm cameras can even take clear pictures when the motorist is driving upward of 70 miles per hour.

Reduce Violations

Whether it’s not knowing the law or simply not caring, prosecuted violators will not make the same mistake twice, especially if they must pay a heavy fine. The more fines that are issued for illegally passing school buses, the fewer violations there will be.

Protect Children

The most important benefit of utilizing a stop-arm camera is to protect the children riding the bus. School bus drivers have one goal: to make the journey to and from school safer. Stop-Arm cameras help them achieve that goal.

Keep Communities Safer

Not only will children be safer, but the community as a whole will be safer. Other pedestrians and motorists will no doubt appreciate the reduced violations in their neighborhood.

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