How to Choose Healthcare Labeling Solutions that Stand Up to Extra Cleaning & Improved Care

…offered by Brother Mobile Solutions 

In the wake of dramatic new global health challenges, the durability of all types of healthcare labels has come under a new microscope. Public health organizations have expressed concerns about possible transmission of COVID-19 via contaminated surfaces and contact with various materials. In response, healthcare organizations have elevated the frequency and duration of cleaning and sanitizing precautions to help stop the spread of the virus.

Cleaning and disinfecting have always been a high priority across the healthcare landscape.

Yet, in the wake of the current pandemic situation, devices and many other types of equipment are now being sanitized and wiped down more frequently with amplified cleaning solutions. For that reason, the additional focus should be given to the types of labels and label tape being applied in the wide range of healthcare applications. 

It’s paramount for healthcare providers to deploy labels that resist wear-down, scratch-off, or fading with cleaning. If you’re wondering what to look for in your healthcare labeling solution, here are 5 key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Small Footprint

    Look for a label printer that is compact and has a small footprint, as space is limited in many healthcare settings.

  • Label Type

    Seek out a label printer that can seamlessly print labels that work on a variety of surfaces or applications – medical equipment labels, supply room or storeroom shelf labels, labels for the administration area, etc.

  • Label Lamination 

    Since many healthcare labels are used in harsh settings, it’s important to have laminate applied directly to the top of the labels to prevent rubbing off over time.

  • UV/Chemical Abrasion 

    Many healthcare environments call for label options that are resistant to UV rays and chemical abrasion label options for use with harsh cleaners or chemicals, so look for labels that can stand up to these conditions.

  • Label Tape Options

    Seek out a printer that can accommodate a continuous label tape as an easy-to-drop-in cartridge.

PT-P900W – Industrial High-Resolution Laminate Label Printer with Wi-Fi®

When you need healthcare labels that last, even in harsh environments, compact P-touch labeling tools print high-resolution, durable laminated labels that ensure proper identification, tracking, and safety in the toughest clinical settings. The Brother PT-P900W features an advanced auto-cutter and easy-peel feature. Create one or many customized, durable labels in a variety of combinations and widths for any healthcare need. This high-speed label printer lets you design labels on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone then print using USB or Wi-Fi connectivity.

TD-2130NHC – 2-inch Direct Thermal Desktop Healthcare Label and Wristband Printer

The Brother TD-2130NHC is the first-ever healthcare thermal printer with TrustSense™ smart media technology that prints accurate human and machine-readable patient identification information to help improve patient safety.

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