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Integrating Transportation Management System with a Mobile Vehicle Printer Drives Fleet Efficiency

Rugged vehicle printers for your trucking automation process.

Brother’s comprehensive line of next-generation mobile vehicle printers are intentionally equipped with features and functionality to meet the diverse needs of fleet companies in nearly every industry.

One of Brother’s mobile printing solutions, the PocketJet, is compact, rugged, and lightweight enough to fit well in any cab. For full-page documents like driver logs, delivery documents, and invoices, transportation professionals rely on the PocketJet full-page mobile printer series.

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Ramping up in-cab trucking automation to boost fleet efficiency

Combining Fleet Management Software with vehicle printers at the point of service allows your company to further streamline and automate processes – with big payoffs in the form of improved efficiency and customer service.

These networked wireless systems provide your drivers with a convenient in-cab office, complete with real-time interactive communications. Plus, they can leverage fast and on-demand printing of documents, labels, receipts, and tags anytime and anywhere on their route. This extended office system can provide:

  • Documents like invoices, proof-of-delivery receipts, driver logs, bills of lading, hours of service (HOS) reports, delivery documents, manifests, permits
  • Field tickets, fuel tickets, load tickets, and unload tickets
  • Sorting labels, shipping labels, asset labels, and equipment labels

Benefits of Adding Mobile Printers

Accurate, efficient mobile invoicing: Pairing mobile devices with a mobile vehicle printer allows drivers to input data and print invoices on-demand directly from a vehicle. High-quality mobile invoice printing in place of a handwritten version saves time and reduces the risk of inaccuracies.

Streamlined driver workflows: Integrated truck printers maximize productivity, simplify processes, and provide accurate information to drivers, dispatchers, and other on- or off-site staff. Full integration gives drivers the flexibility to quickly print invoices, tickets, labels, and more on demand. Plus, improving and streamlining your invoicing operations means more timely billing and payments, which can help generate positive cashflow.

Faster, easier RODS & HOS compliance: Commercial carriers and their drivers are mandated to employ an electronic logging device (ELD) to track a driver’s hours of service (HOS) and record of duty status (RODS). Your drivers can quickly print HOS and RODS reports, plus any other documents requested by officials — permits, manifests, incident reports — with the help of a mobile vehicle printer.

Vehicle printers that integrate seamlessly with your Fleet Management System

Consider the benefits of managing your fleets and transportation operations with a centralized or connected platform paired with trucking automation solutions. These systems often offer cloud-based capabilities that are easily paired with mobile vehicle printers, allowing your drivers, dispatchers, and management real-time access to needed information.

Integrated systems can allow your company to:

  • Easily assign orders to drivers or third-party carriers, optimizing driver availability and route planning.
  • Track drivers or truck locations in real time and enable drivers to send and receive data or upload and attach documents.
  • Easily print corresponding documents, invoices, tickets, and labels on-the-go with a mobile printer.

Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, Reseller Partner of Brother Mobile Solutions and can easily answer questions and help to explore PocketJet options for your Field Service. Our NEWCOM Engineers design and propose the right comprehensive printer systems based on your department’s mobility and integration requirements.

In addition to print solutions, NEWCOM partners with multiple Fleet Management Software manufacturers and can help you achieve a well-rounded solution for all your fleet management needs.