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The Life of EMTs and Paramedics

Celebrating National EMT and Paramedic Appreciation Day, April 15th 

The day-in and day-out of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics is a triumph in this riveting world. It takes a special individual to sign on to help serve the public and stand ready to respond to emergency calls that can be between life and death. There cannot be a bad day on the job for an EMT or Paramedic. Their selfless desires have to be set aside as soon as they walk on the job. These unsung heroes deserve acknowledgment and respect for their crucial role in our society. 

National EMT and Paramedic Appreciation Day

Before ambulance services were created, sick people were taken to the hospital by police or the funeral home. On April 15, 1967 Freedom House took the first ambulance call. These were the first people trained to deliver emergency care on the streets. April 15th is a day to salute the men and women who dedicate their lives to working unselfishly to save lives every day. They work a job that is thankless, demanding, and even dangerous. The EMT and Paramedic job over the years has drastically changed with many of them needing to wear bullet proof vests while trying to save lives. Often times working in the very community that they live in saving the lives of people that they know.¹

Providing technology for rapid response

NEWCOM’s mission is to offer technology products, advice, and solutions to solve our customers’ challenges. We listen to our first responders’ needs when it involves technology that can help them be efficient in the field and save lives. We are passionate about helping EMTs and Paramedics explore technology that can help their core responsibilities revolve around providing rapid and effective emergency medical care. 

EMTs respond to nearly 30 million 911 calls annually in the United States alone. That’s 30 million moments where someone’s life hangs in the balance, and EMTs are the first line of defense."

UnitekEMTA Day in the Life of an EMT

Awarded Vendor for Multiple State and Local Government Contracts

NEWCOM serves state and local government agencies through public BID contracts. How will this help? It shortens the time from search to purchase and streamlines the buying process for IT products and services, with no need for Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

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Helping the State of Maine EMS

In the News… NEWCOM, Statewide Contractor, for the State of Maine EMS

In the Fall of 2023, the State of Maine EMS received grant funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Bureau of Highway Safety to begin the Maine EMS Connectivity Project. The installation for this project was granted to NEWCOM, a statewide contractor that holds a Master Service Agreement with the State of Maine.

NEWCOM’s contract with the State of Maine allows tech variations of each ambulance based on what is needed to reach the desired level of connectivity.

The equipment installed within the State of Maine’s EMS agencies does more than only improve connectivity. While that goal is of utmost importance, there are many factors in which this full-circle solution saves agencies time and money.

The result of high-speed Internet using a rugged vehicle router with Wi-Fi, a roof-mounted antenna, FirstNet Service by AT&T, and a state-of-the-art emergency vehicle alerting system allows the EMS agencies to experience immediate cost savings by consolidating existing connected devices. Leveraging the high-speed internet and Wi-Fi has led to improved operational efficiencies, as they can now see where their EMS vehicles are located when they arrive on the scene, and how long they were at a medical center are among the few informational details this equipment collects.

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How should this day be observed?

On this day, recognize the EMTs and Paramedics who are often overlooked in your community by:

  • Offering emotional and any other support, including access to any available programs or services in the community that they may not know about
  • Showing your appreciation by participating in memorial services
  • Taking a minute of silence in memory of an EMT or Paramedic
  • Offer the crew a meal, a word, or a note of thanks
  • Wearing black and white, turn your social media black and white, and wear the Star of Life
  • Joining the plight to get National EMT and Paramedic Day recognized by Congress


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