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Keep Emergency Response Running

Plum Portable Connectivity Solutions

One of the most fundamental needs for responders in a natural disaster or emergency situation is reliable communication. As Emergency Response Teams race against the clock to scale their services, Plum Cases provide reliable, secure, and portable internet at the flip of a switch. This allows response teams to connect immediately in the field and focus on saving lives when critical network components fail.

The Plum Case was designed to save lives by Plum Laboratories and serves as a critical lifeline in emergencies and is trusted by life-saving organizations like FEMA, the Coast Guard, the U.S. Army, and the VA to provide cellular back-up internet to assist in coordinating effective disaster responses.

They are dedicated to the development and production of world-class, portable, high-speed connectivity devices. Their efforts are aligned with ours here at NEWCOM to provide mission-critical communication solution to public safety. Regardless of connectivity disruptions, remote locations, or natural disasters your organization will be able to not only survive, but thrive.

A vast majority of emergency response scenarios have two distinguishing characteristics: an overflow of data and a lack of resources to handle this increase in data. This surge of data within a resource and bandwidth-constrained network may cause congestion collapse and prevent critical data from reaching decision-makers in time."

Carnegie Mellon University NASA Ames Research Park

Disaster Preparedness

When tragedy strikes, communication becomes a matter of life and death. Whether in a dense urban area or remote rural area, first responders and relief workers must be able to share information and data quickly and securely to save lives and property.

Day One Connectivity

Whether you need high-speed internet access for a temporary medical space, pop-up wifi for a remote learning facility in a rural area, a job site, or anywhere outside the office, a Plum Case enables you to quickly set up a high-speed network to connect people, teams, and communities on day-one.

Anywhere Connectivity you can depend on

In situations where down communication is a risk to life or livelihood, you need to trust your equipment to work. Plum Antenna Array enables high speed connectivity, receiving signals in remote locations up to 42 miles from a cellular tower and 4x higher download speeds up to 300 ft from the Plum Case. Plum Power Bankā„¢ increases its utility and dependability by providing power up to 64 hours.


Compact in size and can be used in almost any location thanks to a highly sensitive, proprietary antenna array that connects to distant towers.


Renowned for the build quality, Plum Cases are designed and manufactured in the U.S. and tested to meet or exceed the strictest standards for ruggedized equipment.


Consistently delivers high connectivity with significantly increased data speeds in remote locations and crowded urban environments.

Easy to Use

Quickly provides high-speed internet and voice communication with a simple push of a button with no assembly needed.

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NEWCOM, an authorized partner of Plum Case, serves as a distributor for the entirety of Plum Cases Public Sector mobile connectivity solutions. We’re trained to answer questions and provide solutions tailored to your emergency response needs. Our expert team of engineers and trained sales professionals offer turnkey solutions for commercial and public sector markets. We analyze, design, recommend, install, and help manage your systems by raising the bar for the highest standards for customer support. To learn more, visit

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About Plum Case

Plum Laboratories sets the standard for secure, reliable, and portable high-speed data communication equipment at the flip of a switch. The patented and proprietary Plum Case can provide high-speed internet and voice communications from extreme distances in almost any location for up to 100 active devices. The Plum Case family of products ensures your entire team stays connected, regardless of connectivity interruptions, remote locations, or natural disasters.