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Body-Cam Features Matter for Agencies of all Shapes & Sizes

BodyCam® 4 by Pro-Vision

Body-worn cameras are one of many tools officers use in the field to provide evidence while ensuring safety and trust within communities. They are built to tell the whole story, and a reliable body-worn camera matters when responding to dangerous emergency situations.

Body cameras come equipped with several features, and there are a lot of considerations to be made when purchasing body cameras for your police department. Pro-Vision’s BodyCam 4 is equipped with a full shift, 14-hour battery and IP68 waterproofing, making it a rugged body-worn camera that any agency can count on.

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Point of View

It is recommended to place the camera on the outside of a breast pocket to offer the best view. Pro-Vision offers several mounting options, including a magnet mount, garment clip, epaulette mount and more.

Enhanced Video Stability

Pro-Vision’s BODYCAM® 4 body-worn camera features electronic image stabilization technology, which substantially reduces erratic movement in your videos.

Proximity Activation

Proximity Activation allows the BODYCAM 4 to be automatically activated when within a 30-foot range of another body camera or police vehicle — even if that vehicle doesn’t have an in-car video system — keeping the focus on the situation at hand.


Because of the environment a police officer works in, body cameras must be durable. BODYCAM 4 cameras are IP68 waterproof rated and meet military specifications, meaning it’s designed for rough environments.

Continuous Recording

BODYCAM 4 cameras offer continuous recording, which means every facet of an officer’s shift can be captured — even without hitting record. The body cameras also feature pre-event recording, so you won’t miss a crucial event.

Battery Life

Police officers need a camera that can last throughout the entirety of their shift. BODYCAM 4 body-worn cameras feature a 14-hour battery life, meaning there will be no low-battery interruptions throughout the day. Pro-Vision’s body camera docking stations automatically upload video footage to be reviewed while they charge.

RFID Technology

BODYCAM 4 features RFID Login, which allows body cameras to be easily assigned to officers with a scan. Just pick a camera, scan and you’re ready to begin. Plus, there’s no need to designate a certain camera for each officer, as the RFID Login allows any officer to swap cameras from shift to shift.

Data Management

Pro-Vision offers an optional evidence management program, SecuraMax, which is a CJIS-compliant solution that simplifies the data management process and saves time. SecuraMax allows you to request video, blur faces automatically and share footage with individuals either inside or outside your organization.

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