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Increase Performance and Extend the Life of your Critical Applications

Take Advantage of Stratus’ 12th Generation ftServer Platform

NEWCOM, a certified partner of Stratus is helping customers upgrade their existing ftServer platform.

Now is a great time to start planning your upgrade to the next generation ftServer platform. The Stratus ftServer Technology Refresh program provides an unmatched opportunity to update your existing Stratus ftServer systems to the latest architecture, ensuring your mission-critical applications run at peak performance.

Stratus 12th Generation ftServer Platform run Mission-Critical Application with No Downtown

The Stratus ftServer is uniquely engineered to run mission-critical applications in the data center, control room, or an edge location without downtime or data loss.

Offering up to 25% greater performance, Stratus’ latest generation platforms deliver more CPU cores, increased processor power, and expanded networking connectivity. Stratus ftServer platforms combine compute power, reliability, and virtualization, making them ideal for deploying advanced software and support edge-core-cloud data architectures.

Customers worldwide enjoy peace of mind running their critical applications with the unmatched availability of Stratus’ simple, protected, autonomous compute platform. Take advantage of this timely opportunity to upgrade your Stratus ftServer platform and continue to benefit from the industry’s leading combination of reliability, virtualization, and technical support for your business.

Tech Refresh Key Benefits

Enhance flexibility with more networking and storage connectivity options

Increased performance by 28% or more over previous generations

Choose the platform to meet your specific requirements while ensuring continued reliability, security, and performance for your mission-critical applications

Extend the performance and fault tolerance to additional mission-critical applications

Optimize Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) while reducing annual support costs
Leverage flexible support and service programs to minimize planned downtime during system transition

Why contact NEWCOM?

As an Authorized Channel Partner, NEWCOM provides our customers with continuous availability through the ftServer solution. Our trained engineers can show you how easy it is to set up and maintain. If you want added assurances and coverage or want to include upgrades, ask our team about NEWCOM tiered service levels.

Contact a NEWCOM Engineer