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When your antenna is your link to the outside world!

Taoglas offers a wide range of antenna solutions for mobility.

The critical link between your vehicle mounted equipment and your wireless connectivity revolves around the antenna system.  NEWCOM works with Taoglas to provide antennas for reliable mobile connectivity, mobile Wi-Fi infrastructure, and mission-critical applications. We help upgrade and transform your vehicles into reliable roaming information sharing infrastructure.

Synergy Series for Public Safety

The Synergy and Synergy X series of products are next-generation permanent mount antennas designed for exceptional performance when used in conjunction with the next generation of routers. The Synergy is available in 11-in-1 modular combinations of GNSS, 5G/4G LTE Cellular and Wi-Fi to match your router configuration. The Synergy X, with up to 9-in-1 combinations of multi-band GNSS, 5G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi.

Building Connections that Last

When it comes to antennas, there are a variety of application areas and complexities involved in each. NEWCOM offers the entire Taoglas portfolio of antennas and takes a stocking position when needed to meet the demands of your program.  Your projects demand good connectivity which requires NEWCOM to help deliver your mobility project on time, on budget, and keep them running as you grow.

Key Benefits

Low-profile permanent mount enclosure

5G/4G MIMO covering 600-6000MHz

Wi-Fi MIMO ranging from 2.4 / 5.8 – 7.12 GHz

High performance GNSS and Multi-band GNSS

Robust IP67 rated waterproof enclosures

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Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, Reseller Partner of Taoglas and can easily answer questions and help to explore 4G/5G antenna options for public safety, transportation, infrastructure, utilities, healthcare, and more. Our NEWCOM Engineers design and propose the right comprehensive antenna solution that maximizes network performance based on your department’s connectivity and wireless integration requirements.

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