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The Challenges Police Officers Face without the Latest Technology

Shortages, Safety Concerns, and Increased Job Demands

The problems facing law enforcement agencies are often challenging and multifaceted. There are simple adjustments to existing processes that can improve the day-to-day duties of your officers and increase the effectiveness of your department.

Why Call NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, trained partner of Brother Mobile Solutions to be able to answer questions to find the right mobile printer solutions for your agency. Our Team of Engineers will design and propose the right comprehensive systems based on our clients’ requirements from mobility all the way through the data center. We take inventory of what you currently are using in the field for rugged, mobile technology and make sure what printer works best for your feature requirements.

Challenge #1: Officer Safety
Keeping officers safe in the field is of high priority for officers and civilians alike. While so many variables of the job put officers directly in the line of danger, investing in the right technology means your officers spend less time at risk. Reducing ticketing time can help you, and your officers, have peace of mind. And this shift from manual writing to mobile printing is catching on, and quickly.


The faster printing speeds of a PocketJet 8 allows officers to complete tickets and reports quickly and efficiently, getting motorist back on the road and officers off the roadside. And most major police procedure software is designed to pair easily with mobile printers like the PocketJet 8. This seamless solution, paired with powerful connectivity options, allows this technology to keep pace with your officers.

Challenge #2: Labor Shortages
Officer shortages are affecting departments nationwide, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. And because police officers operate within the public sector, many of the factors behind labor shortages are out of the agency’s control. It’s important to improve processes that are within jurisdiction. Because of this, many law enforcement departments are looking at improving their technology.


The incoming workforce is going to be younger and tech-centric, so embracing them—and retaining them— means leveraging the right technology. And the less tech-savvy officers on your force will still enjoy the increased efficiency that comes with a faster, higher quality mobile printer. Regardless of whether officers are newcomers or seasoned vets, the right technology means they can be more efficient, which allows departments to do more with less. And the less time your officers spend doing admin work, the more time they can spend doing what they do best: protect and serve.

Challenge #3: Limited Space for Necessary Tools
The inside of a squad car serves as a vehicle first, and a roving office second. It’s crucial that your officers optimize the space within their vehicles as much as possible in order to access to the important tools they need on the job. When every inch matters, your officers need their vehicles to be optimized for efficiency and safety.


The PocketJet 8 is intentionally compact and ready to fit a wide variety of mounts, even with limited space and a paper roll attached. And because each fleet and department are different, you can choose from a variety of mounts and accessories to customize your technology to match your available space and needs. Finally, the PocketJet 8 is outfitted with a single USB Type-C® cable for communication and charging*, solving the problem of messy cables that take up unnecessary space.

Challenge #4: Error-prone Documentation Practices
Officers need to get civilians back on the road efficiently, handwritten tickets can be prone to error or illegibility. These tickets can’t be collected against, removing the consequence for offenders while taking away revenue from the agency. Departments can safeguard their data, the time of their officers, and the safety of their community with technology that allows for efficient and accurate documentation and data submission processes.


Having a full-page mobile printer like the PocketJet 8 means that an officer can print a wide variety of documents— like accident reports, release forms, eCitations, warnings, and more—right from their squad car. The increased print quality of the PocketJet means that forms with a high density of information and small fonts will come out crisp, clean, and legible.

Power Your Force with the PocketJet 8

There are challenges facing police officers across the nation and there are also opportunities to make small changes that will make a big impact on retention, recruitment, and satisfaction. Your officers never know where the job will take them. It’s crucial to ensure that, wherever they go, their tools can keep up. The new PocketJet 8 boasts new features that can keep up on the job.

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