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NEWCOM Responds to Customers when Disaster Occur

NEWCOM’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is available to support your agency after a disaster. Many of our customers in the area have been hit hard with wind and rain following Hurricane Ian. We want you to know our team is ready with the hardware needed to quickly stand-up public safety operations. If you have any need, big or small, please let us know.

Hardware in Stock… Certified with multiple Manufacturers

We have inventory on hand to replace damaged hardware such as mobile printers, laptop computers, displays, body cameras, etc. Additionally, we can help restore your connectivity using a variety of mobile routers. There is no need to wait, we can process your orders quickly and professionally to help restore operations.

Engineers to Project Manage, Install, and Support

NEWCOM’s Engineers work closely with the manufacturers to design, implement, and provide IT solution support. We work to combine people, machines, and software together to deliver your vision. In this horrific disaster, we will work with you and your team around the clock to meet your technology needs.

∗Awarded Vendor for Multiple Purchasing Contracts

We made it our responsibility to make it easy and cost-effective for our customers by utilizing state and local government agencies through public BID contracts. These contracts streamline the buying process for IT products and services, with no need for requests for proposals (RFPs).

From mobility all the way through the data center, NEWCOM maximizes “off the shelf” technology solutions with customized applications giving the customers exactly what they need.


IT solutions, software updates, and configurations to meet your organization’s needs. This can involve multiple tech solutions that work together to meet your end goal. Our Engineers evaluate the environment in light of your current business needs and currently supported technologies available today.


How we communicate today has transformed the way people work, live, play, and learn. Employees expect faster response times and more details for them and their teams at work. Effective collaboration is critical in a modern world where employees are geographically dispersed, travel, and budgets are tight, and information overload is considered normal.


Our project management practice is critical for the success of IT projects. There are many complex pieces that need to be organized and scheduled. If hardware and software licenses are not in place, or you’re missing a critical appliance component – deadlines are missed.

NEWCOM‘s expert project team of engineers offers turnkey solutions for commercial and public sector markets ranging from system analysis, design, installation, implementation, and system management, and raises the bar for the highest standards for customer support. Count on us to help during this devastation to get your tech up and running! Browse our Line Card and check out our website for more on who we are and what we do – serving those who serve us!