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MongoDB Atlas

Secure from the Start

MongoDB Atlas offers built-in security controls for all your data. Enable enterprise-grade features to integrate with your existing security protocols and compliance standards.

NEWCOM is a trusted channel partner to help your organization integrate your existing security practices and processes with MongoDB Atlas to provide additional control over how you secure your environment.

Advanced Security Codes

With MongoDB Atlas, your data is protected with pre-configured security features for authentication, authorization, encryption, and more.

MongoDB Atlas has been independently audited and confirmed to meet compliance standards for data security.

Network Isolation

MongoDB Atlas dedicated clusters are deployed in a unique Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with dedicated firewalls. Access must be granted by an IP whitelist or VPC Peering.

Role-based Access Management

Configure sophisticated role-based access rules to control which users and teams can access, manipulate, and delete data in your databases.

End-to-End Encryption 

All network traffic is encrypted using Transport layer Security (TLS), with the flexibility to configure the minimum TLS protocol version. Encryption for data at rest is automated using encrypted storage volumes.

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