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GPS Trackers for K9 Officers Makes Sense

Allow all your officers to see a K9’s position in the field

The need for portable GPS tracking for police K9’s has been brought to light over the years by many real-world scenarios. Electronic wearable GPS tracking systems provide real time tracking that can be displayed at dispatch, on a laptop, or even cell phone so that everyone knows the K9’s position ultimately keeping a safer officer response. These devices can also be used to assist in K9 training to better see the path taken by the K9 and make the necessary corrections for improvements.

Simple and Cost Effective K9 Tracking

The Track Star K9 Tracking Device is a simple and cost effective way to track the location and movement of K9 officers operating in any environment. The device is enclosed in a waterproof, shock-absorbing enclosure that is attached to the K9 by threading the strap through the slots provided in the enclosure so that it can then be attached to a K9 vest for improved safety of the equipment and the K9.

The device is programmed to send GPS coordinate data to the Track Star software platform for viewing, reporting and activity replay functions. Track Star’s TAIP Forwarder can be used, if desired, to “echo” GPS location data to most CAD / RMS platforms.

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Police K9 from Johns Creek, GA

Did you know? K9 Veterans Day is March 13th

K9 Veterans Day traces its origins back to March 13, 1942, the official birthday of the U.S. K9 Corps. In this esteemed program, dogs underwent training for diverse roles, taking on tasks often deemed too challenging or dangerous for their human comrades. In honor of their unwavering spirit, K9 Veterans Day is commemorated annually on March 13th, serving as a heartfelt tribute to these brave canines. Over time, this observance has expanded to include dogs actively serving in law enforcement.


Key Features

Real-time GPS tracking for K9 officers

Attaches to collar strap up to 1″ wide

IP-67 Waterproof enclosure

7 oz total weight

3 5/8″ x 1 5/8″ x 2 7/8″ size

CAT-M1 for all carriers (includes FirstNet and Frontline)

USB rechargeable battery, LiPo, 2.6 Ah capacity

-4° to 140° F operating temp range

Low battery alert in Track Star platform

Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued partner of Track Star and can easily answer questions and help to explore your complete GPS options for your organization’s needs. Our NEWCOM Engineers design and propose the right comprehensive GPS systems based on your department’s integration requirements.

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About Track Star

Track Star International, Inc has been engaged in the development of GPS Fleet Management products since its founding in 2000. Track Star offers customers one-stop shopping for all things related to GPS Fleet Management. The Track Star AVLS system, in its on-premise form, has served and continues to serve a wide array of municipal, first responder and utility fleet operations. It provides them with unequaled security, privacy, flexibility and performance. Learn more at