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K-12 Face Cyber Threats Across the U.S. 

NEWCOM identifies the Armis® solution to pave the way for stronger security

While connected devices provide benefits for K-12 students, they also bring an expanded threat landscape and risk. These devices can go unnoticed, and schools are being caught off guard as threats increase the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of their data systems.

Florida K-12: Six Previously Unknown Active POS Devices

A large K-12 district in Florida was shocked to find 6 active point-of-sale (POS) devices on their network. Specifically, they found smartphones using mobile payment apps and mini mag stripes, all on the school network, which is a violation of school policy. The IT department had suspicions that this could be happening without their knowledge – with no confirmation, they turned to Armis. The Armis agentless device security platform provided them with real-time visibility, alerting them of the coming-and-going of these devices, identifying the apps on the devices and traffic, along with information necessary to hold people accountable for going against school policy.

Full Visibility with Armis®

Armis provides unified asset visibility and security in a single platform purpose-built for this elevated threat landscape. Easy to deploy (often in just one hour), technology agnostic, and simple to manage, the platform gives real-time, actionable situational awareness of vulnerabilities to protect your most valuable assets: your staff and students. NEWCOM, authorized partner of Armis, works with your school district to implement a safe and secure environment.


Publicly Disclosed School Cyber Incidents

Averaged over the last 6 years, this equates to a rate of more than one K-12 cyber incident per school day being experiences by the nation’s public schools.¹

More Devices Means the Need for Better Asset Inventory

K-12 school districts are relying more and more on connected devices, making them prime targets for cybersecurity compromise. IT and security staff, which are typically small teams, need an effective way to gain complete real time visibility in order to secure connected devices on campus, without compromising the safety of sensitive personal data of students and educators. Armis’ agentless approach gives  the most robust cybersecurity asset management, letting you see all the devices in your environment, providing deep inspection into these devices and real-time risk assessment and threat detection so you can spend more time improving faculty and students experience rather than worrying about malicious attacks on your network.

Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, trusted partner of ARMIS software, unified asset visibility, and security platform that is designed to address the new threat landscape that connected devices create. NEWCOM is trained and certified to answer ARMIS questions and provide solutions tailored to your IT and OT technology needs. Based in the metropolitan Boston area with operations nationwide, our expert team of engineers and trained sales professionals offer turnkey solutions for commercial and public sector markets. We analyze, design, recommend, install, and help manage your systems by raising the bar for the highest standards for customer support. To learn more, visit

About Armis

Armis is the leading unified asset visibility and security platform designed to address the new threat landscape that connected devices create. Fortune 1000 companies trust our real-time and continuous protection to see with full context all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices, including medical devices (IoMT), operational technology (OT), and industrial control systems (ICS). Armis provides passive and unparalleled cybersecurity asset management, risk management, and automated enforcement. Armis is a privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Armis®️

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