Hardware-as-a-service vs. traditional hardware acquisition

Shift & Print Subscription Service

Break the cost barrier and easily scale your printing needs with the Shift & Print Subscription Service from Brother Mobile Solutions. It’s all the printers and accessories your business demands at one low, monthly price. Plus limited warranties and support to keep you printing.

Why Contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, Reseller Partner of Brother Mobile Solutions to be able to answer questions on behalf of BMS printers and services. Our NEWCOM Engineers design and propose the right comprehensive printer systems based on our clients’ requirements from mobility all the way through the data center. We take inventory of what you currently are using in the field for mobile printer technology to make sure what product will work best for your feature requirements.

Authorized Reseller Partner

Fixed Costs

Benefit from a set monthly price – so you can put more capital toward business growth.

Why is HaaS needed?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a way to get today’s most advanced printing technology into the hands of your clients now so they can close security gaps, increase efficiency and compete more effectively. Instead of having to justify a capital equipment expenditure (CapEx) to purchase hardware, HaaS enables the program to become part of the company’s operating expense (OpEx), as a recurring budget line item.

Convenient Support

Keep your printers going with a Brother Premier Limited Warranty and our print tech experts.

IT Support

By removing the upfront investment and ownership, companies will be able to reduce their administration and internal IT support costs. HaaS is simply a more modern and convenient way of managing technology assets by reducing the support burden on their internal IT staff.

Customized Solutions

Expect personalized solutions and services. Then easily scale up your plan for changing needs.

IT Support

The right comprehensive printer system linked with the right HaaS subscription can be a custom solution designed by our engineer team at NEWCOM. Discover one of the smartest (and simplest) ways to improve agility in today’s workflow by Brother Mobile Solutions.

More about Brother Mobile Solutions

Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS) capitalizes on innovative technologies and processes that boost efficiency, productivity, and bottom-line performance. Putting its principles into action, BMS equips thousands of its technicians with mobile technology designed to speed transactions, ensure compliance and help improve customer satisfaction.