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Working Together to Improve Operational Performance

NEWCOM works with PCTEL and FirstNet to establish a comprehensive safety and security solution for fleets of all shapes and sizes.

Public safety agencies strive for a unified, regional voice and data system that provides responders with unparalleled, compatible communications and mobile capabilities. PCTEL leverages extensive expertise in Radio Frequency (RF) design to address complex 4G LTE requirements for public safety agencies. NEWCOM, authorized partner of PCTEL, works closely with agencies to understand their network performance challenges and develop effective solutions.

NEWCOM Brings 5G Experience to First Responders as FirstNet Dealer

FirstNet, Built with AT&T is the only network built with and for first responders and those who support them. The First Responder Network Authority and network partner, AT&T, have launched a 10-year investment initiative that will keep first responder communications at the forefront of innovation. These include 5G upgrades, coverage enhancements and mission-critical services. The FirstNet Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network is critical to advance the way public safety personnel respond to incidents, close cases, and protect communities. 

Flexible Antennas for FirstNet®

By leveraging connectivity, public safety personnel are able to efficiently dispatch and respond to emergencies on a reliable system.

The Right Vehicle Antenna

Meeting the public safety industry’s environmental specifications for vehicular applications, the state-of-the-art, multiband Trooper 4G LTE antenna platform is a great contender for fleets. This low-profile, rugged antenna offers optimal 4G LTE cellular coverage, multiport 802.11ac MIMO add-in options for Wi‐Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, vehicular hotspot network support, and a narrow footprint.

High-Rejection GPS Technology

Knowing where vehicles are located is critical to public safety operations. PCTEL’s GPS multiband antennas feature proprietary high-rejection technology that effectively prevents nearby antennas from interfering with GPS sensitivity and performance. The result is reliable tracking of vehicles and assets, during RF-intensive public safety operations.

Optimized Antenna Placement

To ensure the antennas operate at peak performance, PCTEL provided RF modeling and layout services to determine optimal antenna placement on the rooftops of popular public safety vehicles, such as the Ford Police Interceptor®. For each model, the best antenna placement was identified for maximum system gain, radiation pattern symmetry, isolation among multiple frequencies, and overall network efficiency.

PCTEL Trooper Max + FirstNet Service seen in action

Why contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued, Reseller Partner of PCTEL® and can easily answer questions and help to explore 4G/5G antenna options for public safety, emergency response, smart transit, and smart industrial fleets.  Our NEWCOM Engineers design and propose the right comprehensive antenna solution that maximizes network performance based on your department’s connectivity and wireless integration requirements.

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About PCTEL®

PCTEL is a leading global provider of wireless technology, including purpose-built Industrial IoT devices, antenna systems, and test and measurement solutions. Trusted by our customers for over 25 years, we solve complex wireless challenges to help organizations stay connected, transform, and grow.