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Better for officers, easier on the budget

The ROI of eCitation Printing

As nationwide police shortages linger and police budgets tighten, departments are turning to eCitation to find safer, and more efficient ways to protect and serve. Research indicates that over 60% of law enforcement agencies have already adopted some form of eCitation systems¹, while 78% of officers believe that their force could benefit from using a mobile printer on the job².

For most public safety professionals, adopting eCitation is not a question of why or when — it’s a matter of garnering department buy-in and making the transition fit the budget. That’s why we’re breaking down the cost and benefits of this vital police technology to help you overcome budgetary obstacles and save your officers precious time in the field.

Time and money saved on traffic stops

The time your officers spend roadside adds up in more ways than one. Long traffic stops can escalate tension between officers and motorists. eCitations streamline the paperwork for both parties and cut dangerous roadside time in half³, saving your department time and money in the long run. For example, a department with 10 officers conducting 10 stops per day can accumulate a savings total of 550 officer hours — that’s $22K per month4 by using eCitations vs handwritten ticketing processes.

Increased Accuracy

Hand-written tickets are time-consuming, and all too frequently thrown out because they are deemed illegible. eCtiation paired with a reliable in-vehicle printer enables officers to quickly scan and populate citation data and generate clear, physical copies of eCitations, eWarrants, eTickets and other critical documentation, right on scene.

Streamlined Operations

Manually uploading citation data to record management systems is a time-consuming, error-prone process that eats up officers’ mission-critical time in the field. eCitations allow officers to transmit ticketing data to a central source digitally — reaching courts much faster than with hand-written tickets.

Enhanced ROI, Enhanced Officer Satisfaction

Investing in mobile police technology eliminates tedious paper workloads so officers can focus on doing the work they were called to do: protecting and serving the community. With faster ticketing and processing, job satisfaction goes up, fewer tickets get lost, and departments nationwide can recover as much as $900m in combined revenue that might otherwise be lost to inefficiencies5.

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