E300 Series Enterprise Router

5G-ready router

NetCloud for businesses with multiple locations use the E300 Series Enterprise Router to accelerate business and needed operations by connecting to the Internet and critical applications from anywhere. Designed for fixed branches or temporary locations requiring flexible connectivity, reliable performance, and simplified management, this all-in-one, compact endpoint includes full-featured routing, security, and Wi-Fi without needing extra hardware or complicated configurations.

E300 Product Brief

NetCloud Enterprise begins with NetCloud to rapidly deploy and dynamically manage Wireless WAN networks at geographically distributed locations. Use NetCloud’s visibility and control capabilities to define and distribute global policies for advanced routing, traffic control, and security. Benefit from intuitive insights by leveraging business intelligence as well as health and status alerts on security posture, network conditions, and carrier usage.

The E300 Series Enterprise Router provides industry-leading Gigabit-Class LTE connectivity as a primary or failover connection combined with a wired link. With VPN support, Wi-Fi 6, optional Bluetooth, and integrated switching, the 5G-ready E300 combines services, performance, and options for future technology integrations for a powerful combination in a portable, compact form factor.

Key Benefits

Terminate a broadband link with LTE as failover for reliable hybrid connectivity.

Open temporary locations without compromising security or reliability.

Gain fast day-1 connectivity with embedded Cat 4, Cat 7, or Cat 18 LTE modular modem.

Integrate into your existing network with standards-based dynamic routing and VPN tunnel support.

5G-ready and able to act as a controller for Cradlepoint 5G Wideband Adapters

Add a second cellular modem for dual LTE connectivity.

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