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Emergency Blue Light Systems

For Every Situation – There’s a Just In CASE Solution

CASE Emergency Systems Blue Light Tower Phones, E-phones, Emergency Call Boxes, and other wireless security solutions are designed to work in a wide variety of situations and locations with the same, reliable performance each and every time they’re needed.The products are made in America from superior quality components and proven technological advancements to ensure many years of dependable use and a simple one-touch connection to emergency authorities.

The latest generation of CASE’s public safety communications equipment is also designed to be simple and easy to install – with no trenching or wiring necessary (unless desired) – making them the perfect solution for almost any destination where people may need help.

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All CASE Emergency Systems products are designed to install with no trenching or wiring necessary – so it’s fast and simple to set up a reliable emergency communications system wherever you need it. 

Why CASE Emergency Systems Serve Educational Institutions?  


Campus safety is non-negotiable for colleges and universities across the country. A wireless emergency phone system is ideal for outside libraries, parking lots, outside rec centers and dining halls, or in other remote areas of campus where students and faculty may need help. 

Public blue light towers, ephones, and call boxes allow anyone to call for help when and where it is needed – regardless of power, cell signal, or remote location. Technology, such as this helps school safety decision-makers implement more comprehensive programs thanks to inherent cost savings.

Many campuses are moving away from emergency call boxes that are hardwired for phone and electricity. Instead, they are utilizing cellular and satellite communications and solar power to minimize costs.

Why Contact NEWCOM?

NEWCOM is a valued partner of CASE Emergency Systems and can answer questions and provide solutions tailored to meet your emergency response needs.

NEWCOM has a long history of completed projects in the emergency communications business. Our expert project team of engineers offers turnkey solutions for any company looking for reliable proven communication systems. Partnering with CASE Emergency Systems allows NEWCOM to deliver the critical link between IT solutions and next generation wireless hardware. Technology will continue to change which is why NEWCOM uses leading-edge business optimization tools like CASE to maximize our client’s technology investments.