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Samsung’s The Wall All-In-One IAB Series Displays

Make a bold statement, faster

Are you ready to power on an awe-inspiring viewing experience with Samsung’s The Wall All-In-One? Samsung’s most advanced and stunning display makes a bold statement in any environment. With the Wall All-In-One you simply choose your size and resolution, and you’re assured of a complete, easy-to-install, brilliant solution. It is engineered to be ready to go out of the box.

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Pre-assembled installation

The installation process, reinvented

The Wall All-in-One drastically simplifies installation by docking the background plates and hanging just three or four preset modules, depending on the display size. Installation now takes about two hours for two people to complete the screen.

Built-in control box

Auto configuration setup

Time-consuming configuration between control box and cabinet is no longer needed. The Wall All-in-One integrates the control box so it’s built-into the display, eliminating a cumbersome configuration process to get the display up and running faster.

Conventional LED External Control Box
The Wall All-In-One Built-in Control Box

Stunning picture quality

  • Deeper black color and contrast
  • Vivid, vibrant color purity
  •  AI optimized visuals
  •  Accurate color mapping and grayscale expression
  • Advanced picture refinement and dynamic range
  • Smooth, judder-free visuals

Simple choice

  • Two sizes and two resolution options
  • All-inclusive components

Quick installation

  • Installation within 2 hours for 2 people
  • Auto configuration setup

Why contact NEWCOM?

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