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The Body-Worn Camera that is Built to Tell the Complete Story

BodyCam® 4 by Pro-Vision

Pro-Vision’s body camera, Bodycam 4 is designed to provide the video evidence you need to tell the whole story. With its full-shift, 14-hour battery, and IP68 waterproofing, this rugged, body-worn camera is a tool that can be used by countless industries and personnel.

Complete Video Solution

Bodycam 4 is intelligently designed to function as a standalone system or integrated with in-car and other recording systems.

Long-Lasting Reliability

Featuring a rugged design, an IP68 waterproof rating and a replaceable, full-shift battery that lasts for 14 hours, the Bodycam 4 is built to last.

Adaptable & Scalable Solution

From a versatile lineup of mounting and docking options to adaptable software and customizable and configurable features, Bodycam 4 is great for any agency, no matter the type or size.

Simplify Camera Assignment

Bodycam 4 cameras are easily assigned with a simple RFID scan. Just pick a camera, scan and you’re ready to begin. Plus, there’s no need to designate a certain camera, as the RFID Login allows cameras to swap each use.

Better Video Coverage

From increasing stability, 1080p video, h.265 compression and more of the latest features packed into Bodycam 4, you receive the best video quality while still balancing a low file size to keep digital storage costs down.

Multiple Mounting Options

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NEWCOM, as a trained, strategic partner of Pro-Vision serves as a distributor for the entirety of Pro-Vision’s Public Sector mobile solutions and software, including In-Car Camera Systems, Interview Room Video Systems, BODYCAM® 4 body-worn cameras, and SecuraMax™ evidence management solution.

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