NEWCOM’s Product Offering A3000™ DR + GPS Device by Trimble®

…replacement for end-of-life product TM3000N

When GPS Alone is just Not Good Enough…

The Trimble® A3000 combines dead reckoning (DR) with GPS to produce accurate and instantaneous positions, even under the most difficult conditions. For service providers tracking high-value or perishable cargo, A3000 dramatically improves the quality of service (QoS) and customer satisfaction and retention, helping to track service providers to maximize revenue opportunities.

Dead reckoning (DR) estimates position based on heading and distance traveled since the last known position. The more accurate the speed, time, and heading inputs, the more accurate the dead reckoning. This is where GPS helps. GPS continuously calibrates the gyro and speed sensors to produce optimal dead reckoning.

The A3000 utilizes a Trimble Aardvark module along with an odometer pulse input and a forward-reverse indicator to produce accurate position and velocity outputs in the most hostile of GPS environments.

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Key Features

Continuous position outputs in tunnels, parking garages, and on lower bridge decks

Continuous position outputs in tunnels, parking garages, and on lower bridge decks

Reliable positioning for tracking high‑value assets and for mapping RF field strength

Improves QoS and customer satisfaction and retention to maximize service revenue


In-Car Navigations

Telematics Systems

Fleet Management

Activity-Based Insurance

Roadside Assistance

Road Pricing

Remote Asset Monitoring

Driver Monitoring


NEWCOM partners with Trimble® to understand the benefits of each product by identifying, designing, and implementing the supporting tech infrastructure.  NEWCOM will work with you to answer the questions you have to deploy a best in class DR + GPS solution.

"The A3000™ replaces the TM3000N GPS module with higher accuracy and DR dead reckoning capabilities in one device."

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