March 17-20th – Las Vegas, NV 

Caesars Palace
3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

CentralSquare 20/20 Diamond Sponsor

CentralSquare 20/20 builds on the success of SPARK, TriCON, Z1 and ICON in one unified event. CentralSquare 20/20 is the premier educational and networking event for more than 7,500 CentralSquare customers. It promises to be the must-attend event for public sector agencies across North America.

CentralSquare Technologies is changing how they interact with vendors and their customers by streamlining the ordering process, the deliverables, and providing a better client experience by partnering with NEWCOM.  NEWCOM designs, orders, delivers, and services CentralSquare Technologies customers with IT integrations.

NEWCOM is part of the pre-sale process, proposal response, deal management, hardware design, discovery, in-scope hardware/software, out of scope hardware/software, add on sales, problem resolution, and post service support.

Join, NEWCOM and CentralSquare Technologies to help deliver hardware and provide services that you may need for your software solution. Offering strategic solutions, services, extended warranties, and early adopter opportunities. Get to know us at CentralSquare 20/20!

What to expect at the conference from NEWCOM:

Diamond Sponsor Exhibitor – There will be stations within our space to have one-on-one consultations and demo of hardware.

Nate Evans

Solution Theater Presentation: 5G and what it means for Mobility

Presenter: Nate Evans, Sales Engineer for NEWCOM

Presentation Description: What are the capabilities of 5G? What does 5G mean to your agency? In this session, we will break down the technology and help you understand how the newest networks will help enable your agency to be even more efficient in the collection and distribution of data, video, and voice. We will take a deeper dive to learn about the differences in the equipment you are using today to make sure you are prepared for the next generation of hardware, and software as well as the retirement plans of outdated networks.

Jim Carman

Michael Wrightson

Breakout Session Presentation: Avoid Catastrophic Disruption – Protect Critical Systems from Cyberattacks and System Failures

Presenter: Michael Wrightson, VP of Product Management – Continuity Solution at Neverfail and Jim Carman, Director of Sales at NEWCOM

Description: Cyberattacks and Ransomware are one of the biggest threats to mission critical systems and applications within Public Safety. Over the past 24 months, shifts in hacker tactics have resulting in a resurgence of ransomware attacks. In this session you will learn how to protect systems from failures and attacks using specialized software and a common sense approach. Maintain continuous availability with no user or application downtime. Create failover through clustering and fault tolerance. Secure your data and minimize risk with backup and restoration strategies that fit the needs of your agency. Experience a live demonstration guided by experts and get answers to your questions around high availability data systems and security against attacks.

NEWCOM is providing IT solutions with the latest technologies and innovations to simplify and solve problems.

More about CentralSquare:

Bringing together Superion, TriTech along with Zuercher, and the public sector and healthcare business of Aptean, CentralSquare Technologies is an industry leader in public safety and public administration software, serving over 7,500 organizations from the largest metropolitan city to counties and towns of every size across North America. Learn more about the event: CentralSquare Technologies.