Last Ship Date for Router Models!

With the 2019 budget year closed and 2020 taking shape,  NEWCOM , a Certified Partner for all things Sierra Wireless AirLink®, wants to share End of Life information about Sierra Wireless AirLink® GPS GX440 and GX450 mobile router devices. Your up to date connectivity is important!

The last time to buy date is in the rear-view, December 31, 2019, and last ship date for this model approaching June 30, 2020, now will be a good time to review the newer Sierra Wireless AirLink® model devices.

» RV55 is a direct replacement for the GX450 model and if you are going BIG – the MP70 takes you all the way.

More about the AirLink® RV55

The RV55 is designed to meet the harsh environmental and performance requirements of industrial and mobile installations, delivering superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in outdoor or vehicle environments. The RV55 is a certified device that is Band 14 and FirstNet Ready™.

More about the AirLink® MP70

The AirLink® MP70 is a high performance, LTE-Advanced vehicle router developed specifically for mission critical applications in public safety, transit, and field services. Offering high power, long range Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 300 Mbps downlink speeds over LTE-Advanced. It is built for first responders and field personnel. The AirLink® MP70 can host up to 128 simultaneous Wi-Fi clients, and concurrently connect multiple mission critical applications in and around the vehicle including laptops, DVRs, and tablets.

At NEWCOM, we specialize in enterprise and emergency vehicle control using GPS tracking hardware and software solutions. We customize applications for any size fleet with connectivity through all communication protocols including Band 14.

If you hae an existing project you’re working on or would like to plan future project around GPS Fleet maintenance for your SO, PD, Fire, EMS, sanitation trucks, animal control, or public works contact Nate Evans, Sales Engineer at He is ready to provide you the right solution for your agency!

Last Ship Date for Router Models!

Reach out to your NEWCOM Sales Engieer, Nate Evans today at to find out how your organization can ensure a successful and seamless upate and deployment on Sierra Wireless AirLink® Solutions.