Tier 0 – Protection for Mission Critical Systems

Tier 0 offers the highest level of protection and is intended for applications that are truly mission critical; that is, you can’t afford for them to ever go down. For example, if you are a 911 call center, you can’t afford to ever have your call dispatch systems stop working.

NEWCOM, a Certified Partner of Neverfail

Highly specialized solutions have been developed that can absolutely ensure that an application is always online, no matter what. If there’s a major hurricane, earthquake, or fire that destroys your buildings and all your servers, a Tier 0-protected system can still stay up and accessible – all your people will need is an internet connection and a computer.

Essentially, with Tier 0 protection, we keep warm standbys running all the time, in lockstep with their production counterparts. These solutions are hardware, virtual platform, storage, and location agnostic. If something happens to your facilities, your applications failover to another server, or even another location, to ensure your users can continue to work as normal and your business continues. This approach bypasses recovery altogether by ensuring continuity.

Of course, Tier 0 is the most expensive protection option and you should only use it for applications that you can’t afford to ever lose access to. Again, most organizations don’t need Tier 0 protection for many of their applications, but for those that do, contact a NEWCOM Engineer to walk through your options.

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